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Assange: Facebook a ‘spying machine’

David Lee
Big Brother

The mans an arse but....

Assange is doing his level best to ensure that no stone is left unturned, that no one is left behind, that every human being alive will know the truth that he is an insufferable arse.

However, that don't stop him from being right occasionally (every stopped clock is right at least twice a day). If you don't put sh&t on facebook you don't leave yourself open to this sort of thing.

Anyhoo now that the navy SEALs have taken out public enemy number 1, shouldn't Assange be making alternative accomodation arrangements?

Wikipedia sued for publishing convicted murderer's name

David Lee


If i make comments on the interweb about a German i am suddenly subject to German law? Ridiculous!

How about if I where to mention someone who was convicted in Germany for murder but who is British, a random example being the actor Leslie Grantham of East Enders 'fame' who murdered a German taxi driver in 1966.

However, how soon before that becomes a reality in European law? I remember there was talk that under some new EU laws a person commiting an act in one country that is legal could be arrested and deported to a country where that act is not legal.

(sorry for being vague...it was a while ago i read it and I havent had morning coffee yet!)

However, lets not mention the prominent German murderers from the 1940s...

Panicky Plod apologises to Innocent Terror Techie

David Lee
Black Helicopters

Fashion Police

I can see why the police stopped him, wearing a coat in summer the day after suicide bomb attacks, however the subsequent treatment is well out of order.

However does this means the boys in blue are now baton wielding trinny and susannahs? Am I gonna get CS gassed in the face for wearing boot cut instead of straight cut jeans? Are we now subject to arrest if we are wearing a coat that is in last seasons colour? Are all my sartorial choices now subject to criminal sanction? If so, im fucked as im one of lifes scruffy buggers! I think we should be told.

The coppers have had a talking to? They will be pissing themselves laughing in the pub after this. The police do themselves no favours these days do they. Every day you will see stories such as this. Is it the quality of recruits? I know you dont actually need any qualifications to be a copper, but does that mean they actually have to employ fucking morons? Do they have a quota for employing the mentally challenged? Or is it just that we see reporting of the fuckwits in blue doing their stupid/bullying/criminal shit?

Thing is, I actually know quite a few coppers in a variety of forces. All of them are decent folk and Im pretty sure they are good coppers, and I dont imagine they are much different from most (well one of them might not be above giving scumbags a shoe-ing etc etc to be honest!)

Perhaps a few stories of police doing decent things for change, for a bit of balance. Or do these stories not exist?

A.C. ....well, some coppers are bastards, dont want Gene Hunt round my house.... though Alex Drake is welcome anytime!

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

David Lee

Hang the Witch!

As much as I am glad she has gone, she will only be replaced by a New Labour Clone, nothing really will change.

That said I want to see her humiliated at the next election if she has the ...ahem...balls to stand. Also be nice to see her prosecuted for fraud. Im sure the police would love to be given the chance to get their revenge for her police pay rise betrayal.

I also want to see the rest of the corrupt bastards on the scaffold next to her doing the Tyburn jig!

AC....she hasnt left yet.....

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