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Movie review: Oblivion

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Me personally? I liked it, but I generally have a thing for "how l learned to love our dystopian future" kinda films. The visuals were pretty stunning, although the twist was pretty predictable.

The one thing that hacks me off, I can't seem to find the graphic novel that he director shelved once he sold the film rights. I saw a few panels and it looked pretty awesome.

Apple stops Caring in Italy, probably all Europe soon

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Screw the EU

AppleCare warranties are awesome. For one, they are *worldwide* so regardless which country you are in, Apple will sort you out. Years ago I was on holiday in Turkey when my laptop packed it in, they sorted it out without a fuss.

A DVD drive on another MBP died just days before my warranty expired, brand new laptop courtesy of Cupertino.

Try getting that with a "standard" warranty.

Shuttle X 5000TA


Great form factor, shame about the screen

Shame there isn't another touch screen unit like this on the market. I would love to have a simple touch screen front-end for Boxee so I could listen to music or watch shows while in the kitchen.

Anyone know of another unit like this with a better screen?

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