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Flash bursts onto Android

Mark Sourbutts

Why o why did you need to turn this good news for Android users...

into another opportunity to have a dig at Apple. El Reg is rapidly turning into the Sun equivalent of a tech website. The headlines on the site have started to have no relation to the content of the article.

I was hoping for a detailed report on what Flash on Android was capable of. Instead all I get is trash reporting and another dig at Apple.

I am pretty sure that the Android users out there would prefer a detailed report about Flash for Android as well. They must be sick of articles about their phone OS of choice being cluttered with petty digs at Apple.


Apple iOS 4 update frustrates iPhone 3G owners

Mark Sourbutts


"A colleague of mine hadn;t backed up his iPhone for over a year, and the installer borked his phone, so now he has a year-out-of-date phone."

Eh, I don't get this. The first thing that iTunes does, before updating the phone is create a backup.

I call shenannigans on this...

Twitter topples over

Mark Sourbutts
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ha ha ha ha

That made me laugh...

BBC ices launch of free iPhone news app

Mark Sourbutts
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Don't see a problem here

Personally I don't see why there should be an issue with this. I already pay my license fee, can already see the BBC news through any web browser, so what is wrong with an App that does the same?

Digital Spy struggles to pin down tainted ad infection

Mark Sourbutts
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Digital Spy used to be a great site...

...until it got taken over by the reality TV obsessives.

It used to be an invaluable resource for help with Sky+ in the early days.

Now it just seems like a site for people to bitch about TV, movies and each other.

...flashback to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (moviepoopshoot.com)...

There are many posters on the forums that I struggle to believe can function in the real world. There seems to be an unbelievable lack of social skills on there.

I banned myself from going on there months ago after the reality TV stuff got too much.

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