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PS3 to go 3D in 2010, says Sony

Guilherme Eilert

@Adam 60 & Arram

"lost most of their vision in one eye"...

"im blind in one eye"...

Bloody pirates! Shouldn't you be using modded xboxes anyway? :)


Multitaskers: suckers for irrelevancy, easily distracted

Guilherme Eilert
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"We kept looking for what they're better at, and we didn't find it."

Well, how about... multitasking? Like, solving more than one problem or doing more than one thing at the same time? They could not, by definition, be worst at it than the people that do one thing at a time.

Besides, it seems they did the study over people that multitask a lot, not people that multitask well. I mean, anyone can boast that they do a lot of crap at once, but the real especial people are the ones that can do more than one thing at a time while maintaining some level of excelency and focus.


Microsoft breaks Windows 7 three-apps netbook handicap

Guilherme Eilert
Gates Halo

I like it.

I quite liked XP and Vista starter edition except for the 3 progs limitation. If the regular edition of windows 7 provided the option for an install like that, except maybe for the DVD thing, I would go for it. Heck, I would still go for it, only would rather have the DVD playback out of the box.

If they sell it in the stores, I'm buying it to upgrade XP. Someone above said something very true, they could charge more, instead of less, for it.



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