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Microsoft exec departs after tweet about Nokia phone


Re: Can't wait!

You must know my friend then, he has the other windows phone thats been sold ;)

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe

Jobs Horns

Screw 'em back

The reason macs became popular was that photoshop and other adobe apps were optimized to run on them over windows so the 'creative types' prefered them. I'm no great lover of adobe and flash but if apples holding up 2 fingers to them id just stop making new apps or updates for apple versions of my products. Creative people no longer 'need' to buy there overpriced junk and stock drops until they see scence or go belly up.

Of course that could be why the moved into the executive toy market to balance sales if adobe did do that.

Sims 3 pirated 180,000 times in three days


want shineys now

I nearly pirated just to get a copy faster for my wife, I already have it on pre order at PLAY but will they see it that way when they track my IP address and sue me? No probably not.

They have the EA store and I cant see why when a game leaks they dont make it available from the store there and then. I imagine they have it locked and loaded in the system and just need to punch the go button.

A lot of those ebil file sharers are probably just like me, they want it now! and dont want to wait 2 weeks for release when its sat on a warez site now. We live in an age of instant gratification taught to us by large cooperation's who want to sell us stuff now and if we cant buy if now we will get it from some place else.

At least EA have learnt to do a world wide release unlike some companies who will put 2-3 days between US and UK release dates and then wonder why people have pirated there AAA title.

II'll get my coat befor they track my IP.

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