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Facebook to hire like it's 1999


Reg comment grammar

It's grammar not "grammer" and it's punctuation used appropriately rather than despondently.

Clearly... you get the point, adobob.



Now, I can't say my job involves solving world hunger but how hard would it be to get out of bed in the morning knowing that you're an enabler for the kind of tripe that occurs on facebook.

Couldn't pay me enough to work for them.

Virtualization and the cloud


Case Studies

Good article. Please, I implore you to add case studies to these articles though. Real world examples of how virtualization is actually beneficial rather than extra money spent on a new toy. Because currently I'm still rather clueless as to why many people should bother moving over.

Not now darling I'm twirping



I definitely feel stupider after reading that.

It's just a bit of fun.

Mozilla tries to shunt Firefox 3.0 users over to 3.5


Tab Tearing

The message advising people to upgrade should also come with a warning to make users aware that 3.5 is the most infuriating version yet.

Tab Tearing is the new feature which lets you drag a tab off of the tab bar, once this happens, the tab will open in a new window. Nifty? Not when you flick the tab accidentally off of the page with the lightest of clicks coupled with a fast movement.

Then there's the problem whereby it actually just opens the URL in a new window, so if you were filling out a form, that's all gone. If you were in the middle of a LogMeIn session, that's refreshed itself and you'll have to log in again.

I can see flamers cracking their knuckles in glee, ready to jump on me and tell me to embrace change for what it is. If I really don't like it I should just turn the feature off and move on with my life. Well it can't be turned off, I have to install another damn addon to further increase the memory load of what is already a long running joke. (admitedly it's a small amount, but it's an amount of extra memory that wasn't in use by firefox before.)

Now if I wanted to elope to browser freedom, I can't actually go anywhere at all.

Swedish devil girls fingered on Street View


Is Lester being pied?

Excellent headline, Lester!

Are you now spending the rest of your day dodging random pies thrown by Sarah?

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist


Warning, no IT angle

Get rid of that! Stop publishing the comments of people complaining about the IT angle either, I'd rather see a non IT article rather than no article at all, some of them I don't have any interest in reading.. so I don't, and I don't comment that I didn't want to read it either.

Wouldn't want to be on the end of the stink-eye from the male townsfolk for fingering the suspects for that incident!

Three brothers jailed for credit card factory


I'll have

whatever George and Lionel are on, please! Seems like whatever they're on to cause them to create sentences like those could make an interesting working day for me.

Apple sued for 30¢ $5m

Paris Hilton

Price hike

I'm all for bashing stupid lawsuits against the little man. But this one's against a giant company who massively over-estimate the value of their own products. If this case comes through, it's a small victory for everyone unfortunate enough to decide to purchase songs from iTunes.

And it's more than likely that the people who would receive the difference back would probably just plug that money back into iTunes anyway, meaning that the artists get a better cut.

Save the 'merkin bashing for the people that truly deserve it.

Russian blows off ex-boyf's todger with firecrackers


New Feature - WWSD

At the end of all stories like this, I think there should be a boot note with "What Would Sarah Do?"

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