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Microsoft kills its Euro pane in the a**: The 'would you prefer Chrome?' window

John Watkins

End of an era

My colleague and I always like to make a massive drama every time we were prompted 'You have an important decision to make'.

We made ALL the important decisions in that company I tell you!

Greene King pubs to offer free beer Wi-Fi

John Watkins

USA does free WiFi so much better

Every restraunt, bar etc.. I've been to over there seems to offer free WiFi. 99% of them redirect you to a single 'click accept' button and then you're away. No typing, no info required.

Much better than we have over here.

Osun MushRoom Green Zero USB charger

John Watkins

Charge to discharge

So as soon as my phone finishes charging at say, 11pm, it starts to discharge... leaving me with a half empty phone battery in the morning?

I think there are far better ways of saving piddly amounts of energy.

Legendary steampunk computer 'should be built' - programmer

John Watkins

Back garden workshops

This could be a brilliant project for all those retired engineers with the skills and equipment to potter over during their spare time.

Just bung 'em a couple of hundred thousand for materials, some tea & biscuits and in a couple of years, Bob's your uncle!

Directgov kids' site apes explosive gay porn brand

John Watkins

Buster gone

I tried to get to Buster's world via the Direct Gov link but it wasn't working... so I searched Google for it... oh.

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

John Watkins

Gimme gimme gimme!

If they don't want them, I know a street that does!

Net closes on NZ bank error fugitives

John Watkins

An overdraft is not a bank credit

In the UK I'm pretty sure that there is a difference in law between:

- An accidental credit causing my bank balance being +£10m

- The bank accidentally allowing me an overdraft (I.E. a line of credit) of 'up to' £10m

How many banks last year took out criminal proceedings after someone with an overdraft went bankrupt?

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