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Cigarette fire takes out Internet2


Have the chap pay for the repairs.....

He may be homeless but that's by partially by choice, smokes cost what..$4, $5, $6 a pack now??? While that may not be exclusive to the rich, it sure ain't for the poor. I guess society is to blame that he used funds for cigarettes rather than other things? We can't babysit them all the time Mr. Bright.

I2 has just been dangled out there for quite some time now....a tease for the rest of us. So many benefits and speed for so few people/univ yet around here there are hundreds of people who can't get over 17k with dial up. Satellite service is available $300 plus $60 per month but is still very slow in our areas quite literally it's not much faster than normal dial-up and there are severe caps on how much you can download before they shut us down. I know I2 was mainly setup for research but I was always under the impression they were going to use the technology to speed up the rest of us.

So as long as nobody was hurt I don't feel too sorry for em....

I guess I'm just jealous...



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