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Become a blockchain-secured space farmer with your hard drive

Drew Schatt

Re: Payment, at $0.015/GB

Currently, you can get a WD 1TB Blue at $49.99/USD. So the maths would actually be:

$50 /(1000GB x 0.015 ($/GB)) = 3.33333333 months, currently. In addition, they claim to offer enhancements for sharing "telemetry", which I think they mean as information about the speed of the network.

If the numbers are accurate, this might actually make some sense from a sharing point of view...


Amazon joins with TuneCore for on-demand CD pressing

Drew Schatt
Paris Hilton

Maths problem

I think there's a problem with the maths in the article. If the artist gets to keep 40% of the sale price, the hypothetical $9 cd nets the artist approximately $3.60 per disc. If they owe $31.00 for the same, hypothetical disc to be distributed, it's 9 cds that would be the break even point, not 4, unless Amazon is paying a portion of the $31 that is due - which I doubt.



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