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Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no

Suhaib Sufi

Sad saga of the Eurfighter

Pretty Good Article Mr Lewis, some comments id like to say:

The French pulled out of Eurofighter because they stated that the Aircraft had to be Multi Role. But Our Government of the day said nah mate its goto be just a fighter.

So after all these years and delays we needed a Multi Role aircraft anyway. The French went ahead and made there own without partners.

I do think it is scandalous that BAe is shifting to the US. The whole justification for the £25 billion was to keep the jobs and Skill set in the UK and Europe.

Thats a Lot of Money and enough for those engineers to be part of say a Space program that could either reach Mars or Do Mining operations on Near Earth Asteroid for hydrocarbons - Oh cool no need to Raid the Middle East for all that Black gunky stuff. Oh wow a civilian program with a lot less loss of lives and no political shenanigans of having to invade and bring a corrupt democracies to countries. Lets face it thats all thats happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also all the pressure last year the 'West' put on Pakistani President Musharaf and what did it achieve - Oh a wonderfully inept and corrupt Democracy run by Gangsters - Our best only hope against the Egotistical and self serving Taliban (Pakistan's Version of the BNP)

The MOD should at the very least bought either F18's or F16's as a stop gap and while they developed the Eurofighter properly and taken there time with it - Or kept it as a research project should the need for an super advance fighter be rapidly required and develop all the infrastructure to get it made fast.

Another example a good nearly independent fighter program is Saab and their Grippen.

Money saved should have been used on more Helicopters and other equipment the Armed forces need now - not in some imaginary war of the future.



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