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Nokia N900 to hit Vodafone next month

Rhys Vincent
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I have one in my pocket and I can say, unreservedly, that it is the most advanced phone on the market at the moment.

The key is the OS- it multi-tasks like it's a full sized laptop and has basically all the functions of one also...plus being Linux you can do/download/install just about anything to it without all the restrictions of the likes of the fruit-plastered phone, the Pre or anything Android.

Oh, and if you want it cheap on a good Vodafone tariff, give the Nokia flagship stores a call- they have it in stock and I got a damn reasonable price, even for an upgrade (theorder.co.uk have them but at ripoff rates and mobilephonesdirect have awful customer service).

GET ONE! You won't be disappointed.


Geeks play Guitar Hero without guitars

Rhys Vincent


"Strumming, usually achieved on Guitar Hero by flexing the plastic guitar’s strummer switch, is now replicated when the gamer uses their left arm to strum an invisible guitar."

...unless you're a rightie, in which case surely that'll be the right arm...or must one be ambidextrous?


Palm: Pré to launch on 6 June

Rhys Vincent

Contract length of 2 years?

If the same type of deal is struck in the UK (with Orange no doubt, Vodafone = Blackberry, O2 = the iPhone (aka the iHavenoindividuality) as with Sprint in the US, then this enticing phone will be stuck with a 2yr contract??

Not quite so enticing.

Why do the networks ensist on increasing these contract periods when the speed at which technology advances grows nearly exponentially?



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