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'World's largest' BitTorrent tracker Mininova kneecapped


Why, why oh why

My heart just sinks at the thought of the future the record industry is creating, when I read stories like this I wonder how the industry even came into existance... How come mininova makes millions in revenue and then no one has the brains to think "hey wait a minute why dont we make money like that!?" Could you imagin how much money would be made if they had real adverts on those site as apposed to just dating and viagra?!?!

Seriously someone needs to wake up and smell the ashes that is the record and movie industry, these businesses are run by apes with stones and twiggs! Dont even get me started on Love Film, anyone who thinks this is a good alternative needs to think again! paying money to rent a broken DVD is not worth it, it's never the DVD you want to actually watch and it soons gets too much to handle! Aaaargh!


Asus Eee Box B206

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does what is says and more

I just don't agree with this review, I bought the 204 model as it was the only one I could find. I wanted a box that was low power, could play movies and do any torrenting/iplayer/4oD. It took a few minutes of research to find that media player classic was the best player to use (there is a user forum at eeeuser.com) but once setup I was amazed at what this little box could do!

It only eat like 15 watts, iplayer and 4oD work perfectly and over wireless too, have downloaded a few 720p videos to test and they all seem to work perfectly. When I read this review I was worried that it couldn't handle 1080p, to be honest not a big loss but thought I would download something at 1080p just to make sure and I can confirm that this works perfectly! I have heard that some people have issues but issually down to using the wrong media player etc.

I am dissapointed in the Reg's review :( I shall download a fe more clips to be 100% sure but so far so good ;) expensive yes but well worth the cash for the kit.



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