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Disney torpedoes Yellow Submarine

Rellik San

3D.... maybe not but...

How about a 2.5D shadow puppet style affair. Keep the characters flat but build layers up layers of tiny incidentals and nods too other Beatles projects.


Yorkshire boozer establishes 'smoking research centre'

Rellik San

Ban for employees.

So the smoking ban came in to protect employee's.

When in college the ban was just implemented, I was the only non-smoker against it.

Reasoning was simple;

"So its to protect employees and promote a family atmosphere.... What sort of moron applies to work in a pub and doesn't expect a smokey atmosphere? also, am I the only one who believes in the right to have a pint without some wee nippers running into everything and being generally noisy."

Mines the one with the lighter in the pocket, I don't smoke, but I'd rather smell smoke then stale beer and body odur.



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