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High Court asked to keep 'cheap DVD' VAT loophole open


very short sighted

I live on Jersey and have done all my life. Point of fact... We are not "tax dodgers" we DO pay tax.

Also do those in the rest of the UK realise you WILL be paying more for DVD's and CD's when ordering from Amazon, Play and alike who use the "loophole" currently if it is closed?? You will be ones worse off.

If they do close the loophole I would like to see all the “English migrant workers” sent packing on the first boat out of Jersey (there are more than a few hundred of them over here) and that would free up work for the locally born people who are looking for work.

Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade


Once upon a time....

Does no one remember the grief many people had with SP2 for XP or the nasty patch they released several years later ....now what was it called .....Vista !!

oh sorry that wasn't a patch just a poor joke of an OS they released to show the world how not to write, promote support a operating system.

The problem with Winslows users (much) like the joke OS they use is its they suffer from memory leeks..... please show them some pity.

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