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Nokia's next-gen tablet OS uncovered?

James Bell

Late Next Year?

18 months from now? Nokia's habit of detailing their latest phones 6 months before availability is frustrating enough. Hands up everyone who's excited about products they might be able to buy a year and a half from now.

If Nokia doesn't hit a home run with their Ovi store (and soon) they'll likely be relegated to a low-end phone maker by then anyway.


eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers

James Bell

And for Buy-It-Now?

Did the reporter not notice the part about the new scheme excluding Buy-It-Now auctions? Seems hard to miss.

eBay deserves what it will get. What shot to stardom as the "online garage sale" will fade to obscurity as the "poor man's Amazon". The small seller will continue to use Craigslist and move away from these greedy morons.



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