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Apple adds 'make the web go away' button to Safari 5



Ah, people like you make me laugh. Full of idealism, without a clue how the things you consume come about. I bet you were shocked when you found out your Nikes came from a sweatshop in India, eh?

Do you honestly think that large and ethical businesses just appear? Do you think that we wake up one morning with a million pounds from The Business Bunny (tm) that lets us create a sales team with advertising standards and guidelines? No, small businesses and start-ups have to chose a compromise between editoral integrity and feeding our children. I personally draw the line at pop-ups, pop-unders, crazy frog, and a bunch of other things, but when you're growing sometimes you just have to lube up and take one for the team in the hope that one day you can tell someone with a flash video ad in blue and purple to take a hike.

And please - stop with the "change your business model" crap. There IS no other viable business model. Either come up with one yourself, or just shut up and ignore them (the ads) while you enjoy your content like every other non-moron out there.

Every time you whinge about the injustice of ads while you're getting free content that someone else has paid for (in time or money), baby jesus kills a kitten. Fact.


Yeah,I can't wait...

...till The Reg, SlashDot and all your other favourite advertising-funded websites have gone out of business and you're ranting on some no-name/don't care blog about the poor quality of journalism compared to what it used to be, or crying about how unfair it is that you have to pay for it.

Call me when you're part of the solution, not part of the problem. Until then...

Adblock developer offers 'please unblock me' tag to sites



Some classic responses here... those people who are using the "I pay my ISP and telco so all internet should be [ad] free" are right up there with those people who said "I can't get the swine flu coz I'm vegetarian". These people must be trolls, surely? Or just no idea about the supply chain?

And I really have to agree with AC; ad brokers are no better than real estate agents. Anyone who runs a small-to-medium sized site would LOVE to have an alternative to putting some of these crap ads on their site. I personally had a coronary back when they tried to dump Crazy Frog ads on my site and fired my supplier post-haste, but not everyone has a tech team so responsive they can do so.

Unless someone comes up with something, the Web2.0 revenue model (listen, you can hear it coughing) will continue to die fast and we can expect more subscription models or a reduction in quality of the sites we visit.

So instead of moaning about how you have to look at ad-supported sites, do any of you have any constructive criticism on how small-to-medium sites can afford to put beer on the table without serving crappy ads?

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