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Homer Simpson 'nuclear waste spill' panic at nuke sub base!

Alan White

So what's the argument here?

That SEPA shouldn't be allowed to get concerned or comment upon failures in safety procedures or training at a nuclear installation in Scotland, or that the Navy shouldn't be (at least) beholden to some kind of oversight?

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP

Alan White


"The Poles were fighting for a free Poland, not us. Get it? What they got was the Jewish Bolshevik NKVD murdering their best in the Katyn Forest. The moral of the story is, " Allow your country to be taken over by alien races, at your peril.""

This is a pisstake, right?

Scotland's porn laws: Can we talk about this like grown-ups?

Alan White


"For a country that is seen by many as much more puritan than its southern neighbour"

Huh? This is news to me.....

eHarmony settles over same-sex dating

Alan White

RE: Why

If it wasn't for those meddling bureaucrats, I could be eating a freshly reheated ratburger hot off the floor, right now!

Passport and ID card price hike laundered via private sector

Alan White

RE: yu musht hav summefing to hyde

<i>"Those against the ID system clearly do not understand the real world and are living in some La-la-land full of fluffy bunnies and sugar lumps. The real world is a nasty place and it is beholden on a government to protect its people. Thank god ours is doing something about it and not siding with criminals and terrorists like most commentators on here!"</i>

Hi. Can I see your picture, date of birth, national insurance number, current address, blood type, physical measurements and work history please?

No? What, you mean you trust me less than an organization with a track record of losing vast quantities of sensitive data, making abysmally poor encryption etc decisions, abusing civil liberties and with which you have no real legal recourse against?

Seriously, read 1984 and some history. I'm not sure the world you think exists is real, where power never corrupts and governments are all happy clappy and not interested in their own furtherance.

US pilots will go to VR drone ops straight from training

Alan White

Forever peace?

So it's first flyboys, next soldierboys?

Mills and Boon thrusts into pr0n market

Alan White

RE: Dishwasher fixing

"Is it obligatory? The balding, obese 40 year old bloke currently fixing ours really isn't my type..."

No, but it's cheaper.

Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race

Alan White

RE: Has Scotland seceded from the union now?

Scotland has different economic (and demographic) needs to the rest of the UK, so it needs to be regarded differently in any sensible (well, purporting to be) system. Albeit it'll be a system designed to dissuade immigration, if the current visa setup is anything to go by.

Rude Tintin pulls out

Alan White


"Anybody ever read any of the early Tintins, where blacks are depicted in a manner reminiscent of thos nasty KKK cartoons from the '20s?"

I think that was the point being made?

Bloke finds illegal immigrants living in loft

Alan White


"Eh?! Did you say something? Most immigrants have a better grasp of English than yourself, you illiterate cretin."

I don't normally do this, but...


Suicidal moose descends on Alaska

Alan White

Moose loose

A moose-ti-flying case.

Parent power pulls Woolworth's 'Lolita' kiddies' bed

Alan White


"Mummy, mummy, timmy fell down a big hole!"

"I'm too busy writing angry letters about misnamed products to retailers - go wrap your brother in bubble wrap and sit in the fun cupboard until I'm finished"

Megan's Law snafu fingered in rapist's murder

Alan White

re: Justice may be blind in the court of law

The victim might be a rapist, but for a legal system and - I'd say - a society to function fairly crimes have to be judged by the nature of the crime, not the nature of the victim. No-one excuses rape because the victim was in the wrong part of town, or dressed 'promiscuously', or had a long history of sleeping around consensually.

This guy might have been the scum of the earth, but by the legal system he had been caught, convicted, sentenced and done his time - start ignoring that and you might as well just make the natural progression to the lynch mob.

Tasers can be instrument of torture, says UN

Alan White

'earmark symptoms of excited delirium'

Of course, the companies own website states that there's an increased risk of death with 'application' on people suffering from excited delirium (in itself not a recognised condition).... and yet the Canadian police apparently advise use of Tasers to calm down said people.

Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

Alan White


"try the FOX network, they're pretty even in their news"

Sarcasm tags please!

Real and MTV in joint bid to be crushed by iTunes

Alan White

'Media licenses are for wimps and communists'

Er, what?

AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush sing-along

Alan White


Oooh, a last minute FOTW entry!

With many of the right boxes ticked;

- insults to the authors man or womanhood AND homophobic insults

- failure to read the article

- grammar problems

- odd sentence length (interesting spam haiku style)

Sadly you missed the capital letters out, so only 4/5 methinks.

USAF seeks control of aerial kill-bots

Alan White


I wonder which the US Army would prefer - flyboys or soldierboys?

Yangtze river dolphin is an ex-cetacean

Alan White

Oooh, ya big numpty

"The earth is doomed. One day it will be burned to a cinder by the sun becoming a red giant. Polishing it to look pretty and lush until that happens is a waste of time."

Presumably with that attitude you defecate on the carpet every morning rather than take the effort to walk to the bog?

I mean, your house is going to succumb to the ravages of time and weather eventually, why keep it intact in the meantime?

California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese

Alan White

Real-world blah blah

"This is not a real-world scenario and does not reflect the diligence, hard work and dedication to the stewardship of our nation's democracy that our customers - and all election officials - carry out every day in their very important jobs of conducting elections in California and throughout the United States."

It becomes a real-world scenario as soon as the exploit is discovered, surely?

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer

Alan White

The Master

So clearly they've connected the iPhone to the Archangel network, then.......

Sun's activity not to blame for climate change

Alan White

RE: sunspots & planetary warming

This article - http://environment.newscientist.com/channel/earth/climate-change/dn6591 - states that the sunspot researchers don't believe sunspots can be cited as a key factor in the temperature rise.

With regards to other planets warming.... can you cite a source for 'most' (and indeed 'as much as')? There are a lot of other planetary bodies, and there's also natural variation (Mars, for example, is currently believed to be undergoing a Malinkovich cycle causing warming, I believe); but if it was due to some solar constant like the suns' output then it'd surely require every planet to warm, not just some or even 'most'. Plus I think it'd be more unexpected if the planets weren't undergoing some sort of climatic change at any point in time.

Also, it's curious that (for example) global dimming is never mentioned in these little comments sections, as it's likely this is masking the true temperature rise (such as one effect of banning all flights during 9/11 being a significant temperature rise in the US).

Alan White

Another thing regarding the 800 year lag

The author of the paper that discovered the 800 year lag concluded that the lag “is still in full agreement with the idea that CO2 plays, through its greenhouse effect, a key role in amplifying the initial orbital forcing” (see 1730 of http://icebubbles.ucsd.edu/Publications/CaillonTermIII.pdf)

Investigators find secret White House email accounts

Alan White


'68 neo-communist behaviour? Wire-tapping republicans defenders of privacy? Are you drunk or something?

Google Maps aids terrorists, NY lawmaker warns

Alan White

Oh the horror!

"I'll go out on a limb here and venture a guess that there is literally nothing in this world that cannot be used for bad purposes."


Was Gerry Adams in the IRA? Don't ask Wikipedia

Alan White


"For what it's worth, the wikipedia article is rated as "B", which means: "Useful to many, but not all, readers. A casual reader flipping through articles would feel that they generally understood the topic, but a serious student or researcher trying to use the material would have trouble doing so, or would risk error in derivative work.""

Wikipedia - surely the only encylopedia that actually marks its entries as wholly unreliable for anything beyond 'feeling' that you understand the topic....

Student expelled for high school Counter-Strike map

Alan White

Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

"I dont think its wise to blame the cops, they are just doing their job (responding to concerned citizens).

I suggest this is possibly the unfortunate inevitable negative outcome of multiculturalism."

Exactly. The clear result of interracial mixing is the sort of, um, terrorististic terrorism of terrifying terror that results in, er, the modding of western games-from-mods into terrifying theatres of death depicting battles between fully grown adults which is of course completely against everything perpetuated by both the media and foreign policy of these, ummmm, wholly peaceful and not atall give-us-oil-or-we'll-beat-you-up-attituded countries. Why, you'd never see a western country declare war on another or even use swords - the notion of a good old caucasian having a sword, gun, or engaging in fisticuffs was unheard of before, er, Bruce Lee introduced the ICBM to the new world.

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