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Skinn-Eee Asus out next week

James Hamilton

Good idea...

... if the battery really does deliver 6hrs battery life, surely there won't be much of a reason to swap it out, short of there not being a Starbucks within 100 miles of your location?!

The point is here - and it's been made about price - is that there must be a sweet point when it comes to battery life.

I'll put a fiver on it being, er, 8hrs or above...


Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

James Hamilton

So is this where...

we actually get bits of fibre optic into the home? No, I highly doubt it as DOCSIS 3.0 is just a new standard that'll run over the current "to-home" infrastructure with the upgrades taking place further into the network.

Has ANYONE got fibre optic into the home from VM? Doubt it!! But that's what they advertise..!

I somehow doubt they've got nearly enough backhaul to allow real internet connections at this speed.



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