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BlackBerries outselling Apple iPhones


Giving BBs away

It strikes me that Verizon is giving the BBs away, not RIM.

Seems like what's happening here is that RIM can create products that make more money for Verizon than Apple can - lower cost device, higher data revenue - and Verizon reckoned it can double up even if it gave a unit away. The second contract will pay for that free giveaway in 2-3 months. Sounds smart to me... with all apologies to Apple apologists / apoplectics like Jerry Masterson and company.

BTW, I think the data showed that a single line of BlackBerries (8300 Curves) outsold iPhone. If one counted all BlackBerries sold, I think it's on the order of 2:1 and heading to 3:1.



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