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Jail for Hong Kong techie who exposed stars' sex snaps

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1300 pics = 5 vids = sexed up sex romp

"1000 nude photos...."

Most of the pictures were spliced from videos to increase the ... *ahem* body count. This merely caused more grief to netizens across Asia who tried to review criminal case at *cough* fist hand, hence the abundance of GIF files which were subsequently merged by altruistic parties to recreate the original experience....

"Why would you give away your computer with compromising pictures, let alone such an amount of them, to some random repairman?"

Edison claimed he'd deleted the files from his lurvely pink Mac. So much for MAC users who, a) don't realize you can recover data 7 deletion levels down, b) too busy fawning over their own stylish self to empty the trash.


China launches DNA database to track trafficked kids


Benevolent totalitarianism

I've lived in China for 10 years, and this is a serious problem that you don't even need to watch the evening news here to realize is a major deal (you see it on the streets everyday). There are many gangs who abduct children and either sell them into prostitution or lop off their limbs to increase the effectiveness of begging on the streets (you're more likely to give money to a maimed child than a relatively fit adult).

The Chinese don't always trust their leaders, but they do applaud strong-arm tactics, as cutting through red tape is especially important when you're dealing with billions of people.

Let's not faff about, there are no ballot boxes to protect round here :)



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