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Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!?

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How long have you been waiting to shoehorn that into a comment?

Especially as decent text editors have an option to display whitespace in some way.

Influential Valley gadfly and Intel 8051 architect John Wharton has died

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Re: 8051: one of the most widely used

The 8051 architecture and the miriad of variation including the 8052 variations were used in things that needed just enough processing power and no more, especially for controlling simple display and button inputs. A couple of interrupts and a few bytes of memory can support a lot of functionality.

Things like corporate PBX handsets with a 2x16 display and 8/16 buttons almost certainly had an 805x controller, and less obvious things like petrol pumps had an 805x in them somewhere.

Even the Tini Java computer on a stick had an 8051 based core (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Internet_Interface)

Think it was a good enough architecture with enough scope for variations of features/expansions that it could be considered an industry standard, a developer and the tools developers just had to understand the variations to be able to use them effectively.

Tax me if you can: VMware UK tosses shrunken offering to HMRC

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Re: Poor emotion driven article

"Most people think most taxes are wasted which is why most people wouldn't pay them were they voluntary."

Please can you provide a source that confirms that most people think that most taxes are wasted?

Especially if they indicate which of the NHS/police/fire/social services they consider the biggest waste of their taxes?

Chuck this on expenses: £2k iPad paints Apple as the premium fondleslab specialist – as planned

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Re: 2000 quid?

What were the other devices?

Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs

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Are you suggesting he held out for the price of his values? Doesn't he have Facebook employees doing him a favour? Well, "favour" is probably not how it will be described in a few months.

UKIP flogs latex love gloves: Because Brexit means Brexit

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Assuming the UKIP purchasers would want to know it wasn't just CE.

Google Chrome: HTTPS or bust. Insecure HTTP D-Day is tomorrow, folks

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Re: Yay... maybe?

Please explain how this is setting up a MITM attack.

US prison telco accused of selling your phone's location to the cops

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Erm, have all those apps on my phone and can say that it's not the presence of those apps on your device that's the problem - why do you open them?

Regularly use Skype/WhatsApp/Instagram to communicate with people on the other side of the world and they improve my life - variety being interesting.

Want to describe what it was that made you think the apps were the problem?

And your comments about reading books; strangely know lots of people that complain they read less in this digital time - myself moved to audio books a long time ago (was always a BBC R4 listener) and find it annoying that those people that complain about being short of reading, and when challenged about listening time, haven't a clue about any of the books they have an opinion about - especially when particularly inaccurate.

Apple's magical quality engineering strikes again: You may want to hold off that macOS High Sierra update...

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Re: Apple Update Time

You re-installed Windows 4 times before realising that installing iTunes was the problem???

Assuming you re-installed Windows (what version?) which must have worked and then installed iTunes which stopped it working.

My Tibetan digital detox lasted one morning, how about yours?

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Is anyone actually interested in what Dabbs writes? Or just in up-ing their comment count? Or are replies to him just the only way they can register a smidgen of significance of a life before dementia means they and no-one else will be interested? Who cares about the details any of you have told us - guess 1 - and even you are probably bored by them.

Programming languages can be hard to grasp for non-English speakers. Step forward, Bato: A Ruby port for Filipinos

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True, but is that really the point that was being made?

Surely having a way to tell the language parser that that the source matches an offical language translation version wouldn't be that wrong would it?

If various different computer languages can be used to generate byte code (at whatever level) that runs on the the same JVM and/or CLR (or whatever is "executing" the program) then that's already proved that the exact character strings in the program source files are not important to the program as it is executing - Javascript minified code is also a good example. It's how the program source text files are interpretted to produce the byte code.

Identifier names and comments are more problematic, and for these an IDE might be useful in supporting annotations/translations for these in different langauges. It might even be that comments and identifier names could be stored outside of the file and in something like a parallel part of source code control systems so that translations/clarifications could be added and tracked in a similar way, available to all viewing the source.

OK, who is shooting at Apple staff buses in California? Knock it off

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Re: Nuts *and* no imagination

Perhaps it's all just a scheme to reduce the cost of running the bus?

Apple succeeds in failing wearables

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Please explain how you verify your assertion than "It very accurately monitors my calorie burn throughout the day".

TfL to track Tube users in stations by their MAC addresses

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Why are they measuring?

Whenever I'm in the metropolis there are shed loads of Oyster card users. They are giving up info about entry and entrance to the underground system. And if you have an Oyster card I'm guessing you are fairly knowledgeable about the optimal routes through complex stations.

I don't know if 1 day travel/capital type and normal (single / return) type tickets can be tracked in some way so perhaps they are are only indicating general numbers through stations, not station to station journeys.

Perhaps this helping with measuring flow around large stations once you are outside the actual barriers.

Wonder if they are considering having coffee and sandwich shops inside the system (barriers) for those that are waiting, but only know they are waiting after passing through the barriers. That would suggest the possibility of trains being delayed until enough mocha-latte had been purchased.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

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What's wrong with tank tops?????

The only thing I can think of against tank tops is that they appear to be all the same! Two people (female) in my office thought I had a tank top that matched the diamonded LEGO programmer figure - my only tank top is solid brown!

Win a year’s supply of chocolate (no tech knowledge required)

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Personal details are price of entering lottery for £180

You seem to be bigging up the value of the prize - there's an introductory quarterly price that works out at 14.95 per month.

Whatever, my personal details are worth a lot more than than the chance to win less than £180.

Larger iPad could target big biz, save Apple from low-end scrum

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Make a screen robust enough to be A4 (or preferably the old Cheeky/2000AD/Star Lord page) size and that's a sale. Not expecting super toughness for rambling while geo-caching, will treat it like paper media - easily trashable. Just want the a paper page size experience on a screen.

Lord Shug ends Viglen ownership with a bang

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Re: "Free schools opportunities have grown during 2013"

Agreed. That's the comment that doesn't sound good. Does suggest that free school may not be getting good value.

Robots demanding equal API rights? It's just a matter of time

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I'm not amazed, there are too few Joe Pineapples references.

Google Glassholes, GET OFF our ROADS, thunder lawmakers in seven US states

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Re: HUD? - modern satnavs

Sorry, the fuel gauge isn't enough to know how much fuel is in your car? Christ-on-a-bike, rolling out justifications for idiots to blame others for them running out of fuel is just stupid.

Unless the car is also fitted with a fuel gauge that tells the car that it MUST stop at the next possible fuel stop which would be sensible if being law abiding is important to you.

And so then it is probably best to give Google control of the car for best fuel efficiency on your route, as it can take into account which petrol stations on the route will be cheapest.

Which might lead to a world where poor/speedy drivers are at fault because they didn't have the GoogleShauff (because the US probably won't accept the "eur" - even considering their history/heritage) enabled when accidents occur and those in GoogleShauff controlled cars arrive safely and optimally speedily after spending time working or relaxing depending upon the reason for the journey.

Seriously, is that not a better world?

Facebook app now reads your smartphone's text messages? THE TRUTH

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Why aren't details published

They give "Examples of what we use this permission for" but do not detail what they ACTUALLY use it for. Seems dodgy. Then when you go to ask for clarification of what it means you have to sign in to Facebook, as though non-subscribers are not allowed to ask questions - strange if there is nothing to hide.

The other end of the telescope: Intel’s Galileo developer board

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How about comparint it with Netduino as well

Isn't this basically a Netduino Plus (quibble over spec differences after checking http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/netduino-plus-2-net-c-development-board.html)

[BTW: While I liked the Arduino sketch idiom, my brain always seems to want to do things on the edge of what it (or the IDE) supports - perhaps I'm not "grokking" Arduino. You can dismiss this comment as just the dodderings of an old person that has developed for embedded systems based on 8051/8052/Z80/6502/68xxx/80x86 in assembler/C for writing/debugging for products that were commercial products]

Top Microsoft bod: ARM servers right now smell like Intel's (doomed) Itanic

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Re: Translation from MS speak

Still use an application called "Unique Filer" from 2000 (well the About info is 2000) and that has run happily on Win98, WinXP, Win7, Win8.1. The installer gets a bit unhappy but the core application still runs no problem.

That's from the binary of 2000, not an upgrade that is created to support a new OS release, and the Win98 was 32bit and the Win8.1 64bit. And the number of machines it's worked on during that time requires at least 3 hands worth of digits.

If the developers want me to pay them more money I'd be happy to because it seems to works better than the applications I try that might replace it.

Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action

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Re: No, Liam, I won't be using a fondleslab as my primary computer.

So in the future we'll have people using external keyboards, external mice, external graphics tablets, and possibly external gesture controls which all need to be lugged around to where the tablet is to be used. Hurrah - the wheel being re-invented!

Seriously, do you not see what your idea of having add on input methods means? Making a tablet do what in the past has been the reason for having the flexability of a tablet!

The day the phrase "sent from my ipad" stops being an excuse for bad spelling and grammar I'll accept a tablet can be practically accurate multi-input device.

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world

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Re: Still not enough

Icons may be randomly placed on your desktop, but not mine, and when I've looked over the shoulder of others the placement looks random to me but matches the items they consider the most important or most frequently used.

I've suggested the use of briefcases to users with lots, and I mean LOTS of icons on the desktop, and found after initial comments that it's not for them, a few weeks later they know exactly which briefcase icon has the apps they use less frequently.

One man's random is a librarian's perfection - just because you don't understand suggests it is not mportant you do.

Microsoft wants to 'move beyond' the Cookie Monster

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Re: Unbelievable!

Damn their honesty in publicly indicating an intention to capture anything and everything about you and in the future probably expose it! It's not like facebook and google are doing the same thing already and sometimes retrospectively!

Post-PC world? POST-MAC WORLD more like

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Re: "Apple did not invent idea of a tablet. Microsoft did that."

Think you mean check your facts before posting. Of course that's assuming you think before you do something.

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

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Re: The proof is in the....

Android users are busy doing stuff, have lives that don't stop if they don't have the latest (not necessarily greatest) and understand that only a tediously sad few need an OS update instantly so let them get it first and pick it up themselves in all good time - it's a community thing that often seems missing in iOwners.

Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG

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Re: Truth or consequences

You're defending the headmaster for his pettiness towards a former pupil - think BIGGER - what are existing pupils expected to learn other than critique is NOT ACCEPTABLE. What would the headmaster have been perpared to ruin/crush in defense of his position? Especially if fundamentally true without swearing.

And if your father would have done the same then perhaps your father should not be a headmaster.

Tim Cook: Wearable tech's nice, but Google Glass will NEVER BE COOL

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Re: "half-eaten fruit logo"

Didn't Snow White take just one bite? Perhaps all the cool kids are getting the same effect.

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back

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Re: do not understand open source ... prefer not to be honest about it

I suspect you are good with aspersions - but would be better with some facts.

Google's JavaScript assassin: Web languages are harder than VMs

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Re: Phew!


That would be far too sensible for the world and might set a dangerous precedence of co-operation.

Long live the new king, if it is Anonymous Coward :)

Apple kicked out of China smartphone top 5 by, er, Yulong and pals

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Re: So

Cheaper or better value?

Beck's open-source challenge to freetards: play it yourself!

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Re: Won't be selling many of these...

Just as anyone can download the OCR'd version, a programming artist will write the OCR program for themselves to interpret it in their own unique way - not just accept the interpretation of others - Beck may have thought it through further than you.

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8

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Re: In response to...

Their use of blocks of solid colour suggests:

Concrete Windows

Apple's Retina Macs: A little too elite?

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Re: Ugh

Whole heartedly agree that making computers non user serviceable is bad, would go further, a failure of the human race.

Having talked friends and family through installing extra/replacement memory sticks and extra drives over the phone it does seem something they take a pride in doing and getting a more physical understanding of. Perhaps they haven't fully understood the IDE master/slave difference, or the pairing of memory sticks in banks but they understand that with the right components the task is matter of connection widget A in/on to widget B. Much like their car.

Talking them through it when actually present is fun; ask them to give you a screwdriver that fits the case screws and then hand it back to them with instruction to open the case. Watch the nervous fumbling with case screws as they start, turn to a pleased and happy pride as the last case screw is replaced after testing the changes worked. (Can't stop them buying from PCWorld though!)

Must say that laptop/notebook/netbook upgrades are something to do in person, only because in my experience, there is always some ribbon cable connector or motherboard clip/screw not mentioned in/on the maintenance manual or whatever maintenance website can be found for that model. And by "in person" it's me doing and showing them what is being done - never work on someone elses computer without them present, they don't learn anything.

Everytime a company/manufacturer decides on a non-standard connector it is "shudder time" because it makes simple tasks more difficult for their customers which is normally only driven by the requirement to depriving their customers of something that can be an overpriced solution from the company/manufacturer.

That new 'Microsoft GCSE': We reveal what's in it

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Re: Good words - don't forget Netduino

Don't forget the Netduino when mentioning Arduino and M$.

Year of the Penguin - el Reg's 2011 Linux-land roundup

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Because they aren't choosinh Linux

Probably not worth mentioning because they didn't choose the underlying OS, they chose the functionality (or lots of stuff they don't actually use) provided - and little (if any) of that functionality is unique to Android, iOS and WinPhone provide similar, and I'd guess that Symbian could provide similar. Perhaps they chose based on GUI that matched the devices their friends had shown them, but don't think that OS itself is the decider for most people. It's like saying that people chose ARM based phones rather than Intel/Motorola/Zilog because of the processor architecture rather than what the processor architecture supports. Especially considering most applications on iOS and Android (guess some kind of WinPhone CLR) run in some kind of VM the underlying OS is probably even less important.

Why do I think that most phone users don't choose base on OS, because I like Android, have an Android phone and recommend it when asked, but won't consider an Android tablet that does not allow use of the Android Market Place out of the box - so no cheap Anova device because they use AppsLib, even though they are good hardware.

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study

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If the mainstream are sh*t that hides the sh*tness :(

Hummmm..... comparing mainstream browsers with more secure browsers might mean people use more secure browsers, which in turn would mean the more secure browsers become mainstream because they are more secure.

Simply comparing a top 3 popular browsers doesn't really do much for benchmarking in a report comparing security of browsers. It would be a sensible include browsers with claimed security credentials along with the usual top browsers to give balance of what is possible.

Couple rewarded for naming newborn after Elder Scrolls Skyrim hero

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Forbidden, no, made to live the kids life instead

In America they obviously think "inventing" names for people is to use something other people suggest as a marketing stunt.

And what happens if this is the most reported event for the whole of kid's life ? Think about that. Think about all those "can you spell that for me please" questions ?

This just confirms that "can is not must" as Johnny Cash described in song.

OFFICIAL: Last Western Black rhino snuffs it

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Not wrong there - but you didn't mention the stupidity

What I don't get is why a species with such a valuable crop as some are willing to pay for isn't being farmed ? Seriously - if that horn was worth so much then what are the poachers going to tell their children ? It certainly will not be about how they planned for the future. Hopefully it will speed the demise of the stupidity gene.

Seeing the majesty of a real live rhino simply eating (not cute, not furry, and not singing Bohemian Rhapsody) but requiring an armed guard was when I finally realized that my own species deserves the extinction it will most surely being upon itself - most probably it's hoping for a comet or something or other cataclysm just to avoid the blame.

Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

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But he didn't, have to swear twice to get his point across

Please provide reasoned argument rather than just a potty mouth to justify your opinion - and if you must swear at least don't hide behind the mask - that character was eloquent and knowledgeable rather than :)

Ex-Microsofties' IE6 kill squad hits UK

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Supporting IE6 can be a big advantage in other sectors/industries - so much so that actually testing and fixing in IE6 before release is worthwhile.

Sony BDP-S380 Blu-ray player with IPTV

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Does this support network firmware updates ?

Can this be bricked like other Sony Blu-ray players by accepting firmware updates ?

Got a website? Pay attention, Cookie Law will come

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But isn't all data just a program waiting for the right interpreter ?

On my computer there are files that contain text - this is just data. The same file content is the same data whether the name is xyzzy.txt or xyzzy.c or xyzzy.py or xyzzy.java - just data.

Passing the content of all of these files (all the same) to a word processor or c compiler or python interpreter or java compiler produces different results - some consider the content to be data to be displayed, some data to be compiled, some data to be executed.

So a cookie is data just like a .txt/.c/.py/.java file - but for some they consider the extension of the file to make the data different. So, define a cookie with the name '"Z80" that should have a hex string value (valid Z80 op-codes only) any website or browser that can read the value of the cookie can 'execute' the Z80 instruction on an emulator.

Is the cookie data or a program ? The name of the cookie is identifying the content/value of the cookie as a program, much like the .txt/.c/.py/.java extension of the file, and could possibly be considerd to be an instruction to execute the content as Z80 machine code.

How about cookie name "bash" and the value "rm -rf *" ?

So the presense of a cookie with a particular name CAN cause different behaviour at the server or client that recognises the cookie name, and the value of the cookie can do the same. No cookie of "alreadysignedin" instructs the server to act as if the user is not signed in and a login page should be shown, and presence with a value of "<valid session-id>" instructs the server to do all sorts of things, valid session verification, specific user information such a nickname and discount vouchers are displayed in the page.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

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Roll up, roll up, what media rights should we buy ?

Calls for titles you can't request a "proper remake" would suggest that this is a trawl for stories unlikely to have the rights already signed up - how sad.

Suggesting short stories you think are excellent is rather silly as history has shown that Hollywood aren't really into "short" and are only very rarely good at extending an authors worlds without some kind of "re-imagining" or "reboot". Especially when the story is essentially told as thought rather than action. Seriously think about how your favourite story has a lot to be how the main character or narrator thought.

In case there is any chance of getting something like The Forever War on the big screen then Halo Jones (Books 1 through 4) might be a more appealing spectacle.

It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK

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You geeks need to get out more

Dad used the case from a pair of 8 inch floppy disk drives as a flower pot.

Nokia admits 'open' Symbian is not open

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And you didn't see this ?

This just shows that hitching yourself to Microsoft rather forces you to favour Microsoft products over your own better products that may not even be competing.

Taking bets on when Nokia will be subsumed into the Microsoft Failed Things devision and how long it will take for Microsoft to delete the Nokia brand.

Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

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Just make wrong doers apologise publicly(?)

Surely it would be OK if everybody responsible for the injustice apologised publicly on prime time TV - every police officer involved in the case (not a particular individual, their collegues for going along with it, everyone, possibly every officer if necessary) - and their management (who obviously would be involved because of poor management practices) - and ministers with any relevance ("any" in the broadest possible sense) and the Prime Minister(s) (at the time and all during dodginess because these sort of cases go on for a long time)

And I mean that the TV advert time be paid for by those featured apologising, not the tax payer who had already paid for the apologisers to commit the injustice.

Nokia launches new corporate font

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Products people want - that's what's needed !

How does a company that has products that aren't attractive to users because they don't have the features that reviewers, and users want, think that a type face change will make a difference to their bottom line ?

I'd use whatever the type face was when products sold at their height (simple way to get familiarity/nostalgia) and put it on phones that people reviews liked and users wanted to buy.

Paying someone to mess with brand recognition when you don't have anything that will be positively associated with the new visual version of the brand seems dodgy thinking.

But who am I to ask, I don't run a mobile phone making business :( Have never owned a Nokia either :)


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