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Ridley Scott confirmed for Blade Runner pre/sequel



Er yes, yes you are...

Happy Friday

Swedish newlyweds enjoy lively honeymoon


@mahatma coat

@ it's in the way you tell 'em

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker

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Dig this title

I find your criticism of people singing along at concerts totally unnecessary, as far as I'm concerned that's one of the best things about concerts. It's all about the shared experience of enjoying the music and there are few pleasures in life as enjoyable as being with close friends singing along with thousands of others to great songs. I suggest you retire to your bedroom alone and enjoy your music with headphones on so that it isn't ruined by people enjoying themselves.

Mafia II

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indiana jones on ps3

hear hear, those 2 games are the way to go. Excellent writing and characterisation, stunning visuals and a fair dash of comedy chucked into the mix. Speilberg couldn't have done it better

6music wins possible reprieve from BBC Trust

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I'm not ashamed that I was one of those people who jumped on board as soon as it was announced it might shut, and I thank god I did. I very rarely have it off these days (waheey!) great selection and the dj's don't detract from the frankly excellent selection of music.

I got into the National off the back of these guys (seriously, check 'em out) and that for me is the purpose of this kind of radio station, not to drip feed heavily marketed music by numbers, but to expose both new and old acts to everyone, and on that one 6music rarely fails.

Apple denies iPhone 4 antenna glitch, blames inaccurate signal bars

Jobs Horns

oh, that's alright then.

what utter, utter bollocks. I cannot believe people are gonna buy this, but then again if you're gonna queue outside a wank boutique waiting for Jobs' newest ejaculation then you'l buy anything I guess.

McKinnon campaign urges coalition to block extradition



whatever happens now will colour my judgement of the new guys for some time to come. both of these parties have argued for the renegotiation of the extradition treaty, a more timely test of their integrity I cannot imagine. finger crossed for Gaz.

Tories put ID cards, Contactpoint on manifesto hit list



fine, I, (along with most other english) couldn't give a fig about an independant scotland, much like most of your fellow countrymen judging by the runaway success of the SNP. However, if you do split you can also wave goodbye to the obscene amounts of money scotland receives from english taxpayers. we'll soon see how well the good ship Caledonian sails then......choppy waters ahead I predict.

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff

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10 on 10

outstandingly well put.

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

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apologies all round

whatever. we also apologise to the black population for the usage of black type and we apologise to the white supremacists for the use of the white background, anyone else?

grow a pair, El Reg.

Jobcentre ejects Jedi Knight



these are not the forms you're looking for...

Sony takes aim at Apple iPhone, iPad

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head hurts

"but neither company has yet to come out with a PlayStation phone." - er? my head hurts.

Cultists aquiver as Applestore goes into hibernation

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i totally agree

I too am utterly sick of the constant hyperbole surrounding every little fart Jobs squeaks out, but, equally I'm just as sick of El Reg giving said flatulence coverage, please stop reporting these bloody non news stories. Once, just once,I'd like to go a day without reading apple related bollox.

AND there is, of course, the very real risk that we just come across as nothing more than petty kids writing off everything apple says just because we think their company is created by, and for, wankers. (which of course it is,but that's besides the point)

Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

Jobs Horns


good one El Reg, shame it's almost true, Apple are just descending into ever decreasing design circles wrappd up in ever increasing hyperbole.

think I'll go climb a tree.....

Guinness to hit three quid a pint


er looooser

so, let's get this straight, because you have no friends (save one erstwhile one) you think they should put the price up? I'm beginning to see WHY you have no friends. you are an arse sir.

Sony Vaio X

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i disagree

what utter nonsense, I've had a VAIO laptop for 5 years now, use it almost everyday for purposes as varied as facebook and video editing, it has survived countless train journeys, house moves and the only thing that has gone wrong is the headphone jack (frankly after 5 years of excellent service I wasn't even mildly annoyed, a £10 usb audio out sorted it)

awesome laptops and considering the longevity, excellent value for money.

after my experience with sony I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone - a colleague has had a mac for a simkliar amount of time and during that his has died TWICE because of apples "ever-so-helpful" updates.

Meet Phorm's PR genius

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the game is up Wheely, best you get off back home now and look up some more dubious companies to invest in, and as for you playing the "british jobs" card, you should be ahamed of yourself...but then again, anyone who invests in a company this despicable has a moral compass that is in serious need of realignment.


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