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Swedish authorities pull plug on female Elvis



"... as well as two Supermen."

Surely that would be "two Supermans"? If I know two people named Herman, I don't call them two Hermen, do I?


BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches


I've seen this in Canada

I'm a Rogers High-speed (also partnered with Yahoo!) subscriber in Toronto, and have been caught a couple of times by this. Each time, I've been told that it's a "configuration glitch" at Rogers' end... how long before this becomes a permanent change here, too?

Flying cow destroys minivan

Thumb Up

Best kicker ever!

"Thanks to Matt White for the tip-off."

Icing on the cake!

Apple iPod Touch


No new contacts?

Most of the reviews I've read so far about the iPod Touch say that unlike the calendar, you can add contacts manually. (Apple even says so: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306413 )

The lack of a calendar that I can update is the only thing preventing this from becoming my new PDA -- but at least they're halfway there...

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks



For a car travelling at 150mph (not km/h, mind) to stop within 200m, the tires would have to have an effective coefficient of friction of 1.145 (check out http://www.csgnetwork.com/stopdistcalc.html to see for yourself). While it is true that such tires would (under ideal braking conditions) stop in just over 260m at 172mph, a more "typical" coefficient of friction for good tires and a clean road surface is around 0.8 (and would yield stopping distances of 286m and over 375m). Add reaction time to the mix (as Martin Benson wrote above, 1 second of delay = 84 yards) and 172mph does start to seem a bit, well, dangerous.

Cash machines get a voice


Canada has something similar (I think)

In Canada, several bank machines (at least, all CIBC bank machines I know of) have a headphone jack that a user can plug into, to receive audio options.

(The only difficulty, of course, would be finding the audio jack in the first place.)


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