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Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new


About bloody time.

I'm happy to see that TigerDirect is getting punched in the face over this.

As a support agent, I hated having to tell these customers, "I'm sorry, but the system does not have a Dell warranty. These systems are covered by a third party warranty. The problem you are having is..." followed by telling them just what's going on, the right number to call, what the computer's real age is, etc.

These people are usually alarmed to be told the truth about what they bought from TigerErect (how else do you think they bugger these people, eh?), get mad at *us*, and we have to calm them down, explain how TigerDirect gets their machines in a nutshell so they might understand that it's not us just pouring machines over there so we can have an excuse to bugger people, but it's a relatively legit after-market thing that happens.

The funny of this is, they get free lifetime phone support (if they can verify ownership via the Dell system -- worst case scenario, they can do an ownership transfer if they still have internet access), but no parts, so we end up doing the tech work anyway due to policy for us on the Lats and Optis that get resold like this.



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