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Merging your landline and mobile



I just don't understand how anybody can possibl think VoIP is business ready yet. It patently isn't. It's unreliable, it's got lag, the suppliers are all, frankly, rather low-rent.

It's a nice idea, and it will undoubtedly get there. But there's a long way to go yet for a number of reasons, including those above, but also the whole net nutrality debate which threatens to knock the whole VoIP debate into a cocked hat. What happens if the VoIp vendors have to start laying their own networks - Doh!, yeh, costs go through the roof and you end up with a poor service costing you considerably more than fixed line services.

It's all too early for this. It's good to see vendors dipping their size tens in the water and causing ripples of excitement. But that's where convergance should stay for now - on press releases and on the mighty el reg. It certainly doesn't belong in the office, not yet anyway.


Mobile email: Let's have a heated debate


Blackberry bad/ mobilemail good

I’m utterly convinced about mobile email. But not certain devices.

I work in IT operations and have been forced down the Blackberry route by my organisation – much to my dismay. I’m now fully expected to respond to an email as quickly as I would a ringing phone. It’s a disgrace. Doesn’t matter what time it is either – so I get people mailing me at 23:00, and if they don’t get an answer, I get another one at 23:05, 23:10, 23:15, etc, etc.

The whole point of email is that it’s asynchronous and it simply doesn’t work as a synchronous device – plus, that’s what the phone’s for anyway. It used to be the case that email was something that happened in the background. Now it’s more bothersome than a flurry of a voice calls. Blackberry is raising expectations – which neither the person or the technology is ready for - and I for one am deeply unhappy about it.

Mobile email is a different matter. I've been using that for years anyway, it's just the Blackberry that's confusing things. No Blackberry means no expectation. But mobile email is the same as email wherever you get it. Strange really - it's the device that's the driving force for bad practice.



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