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El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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Nicely done

I hate to say it, but ... I really like what I've seen so far ;-)

Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED

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Re: Security by obscurity

Watch the video again. He uses his index finger to train the sensor, then his middle finger with the latex print. Even if it can see through the latex, it's going to see a different "real" fingerprint.

First look: Apple iPhone 5S and 5C

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Re: Equally tiresome...

"What else does it need?"

NFC would be a nice addition. I've had that on Android for a while now. It's not "mega", but it's something that could prove quite useful in the not too distant future. "Backing" from Apple could give the standard the sort of boost it needs.

HTC One X priced up for UK punters

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Battery Life?

Given that my HTC Sensation has the worst battery life of any phone I've ever had (even with everything non-essential switched off), how many minutes of battery life does this beast give you?

LightSquared admits it will knock out 200,000 sat-navs

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s/Title Is Required/Title Sucks/g

"[...] contends that LightSquared's estimate of 5 cents per device for better filtering is entirely untested and no better than a guess"


It is an estimate. Therefore it isn't tested. Also, most people would assume that an estimate ~= a guess anyway.


Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun

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Utter nonsense

Where did you drag this author up from? PHP is a rich and powerful language with immense possibilities. Citing its use by the underqualified is like trying to say that vehicles should be banned because some drivers are idiots. PHP has quickly become one of the backbones of the web for very good reasons - and not just because it eases the learning curve for newbies.

I really fail to see any part of this article that makes sense or is based in any kind of reality. IT is a heavily biased article from someone who clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. This is a good example of someone decrying something because they don't understand it. It's synonymous with burning people as witches in the middle ages because they were left handed.

BOFH: Grand Theft Auto

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Freudian Slip?

"So what I'd like to know," the Boss seethes, "is what the hell took you so long?"

My thoughts exactly! :-)

Still, another good laugh.

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