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Microsoft Office for Mac fix falls at first hurdle


Comments from Microsoft

Greetings and Salutations

Some folks have mentioned that they have not been able to install the Office 12.1.8 update. I would like to remind folks of some of the caveats that apply to installing an Office update.



The Apple Installer technology that we are using requires that the application and the folder they reside in maintain their original names. If you have renamed the applications or the folder they reside in, you'll need to revert it to the original names.



While you drag Office anywhere after an install, the Apple Installer technology will not find a copy of Office that is not on a bootable partition. So if you have Office on a spare partition with no OS on it, you'll need to move it to a partition that has an OS on it.



The updater only works on the language it was intended for; therefore, if you installed Italian Office, the German updater will not work for it. Because we use Apple's Installer the UI will match the UI of your OS so judging which updater you got by the UI of the Installer will not work.



If you have multiple language versions of Office on your machine, then you'll want to put the one you wish to update in your Application folder; update it; then either rename it or move it out and put the next language in the Application folder.

The Installer will search for Office, and if the first one it finds is a different language than the updater it will not keep searching for copies with the matching language.



In some instances, the temporary folder used to install the last update does not get deleted. In these instances, the next Office update cannot install – you can rectify this by restarting your machine.

Please also see the Knowledge Base Article we have at


For more information.

I hope this covers most everyone's issues, and if not we are watching this forum, so please describe your situation and we will do our best to help you with INSTALLATION issues.

David Pelton

Microsoft MacBU



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