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Security? We've heard of it! But why be a party pooper when there's printing to be done


Re: What were they doing with an expensive photo capable printer in 1989?

Hmm Canon clc500 copier era, 45 grand for the machine, another 50k for the rip module to connect to a pc....all at a blazing 4 ppm

14 sailors die aboard Russian cable spy, er, ocean research nuke sub after fire breaks out


Re: Nightmarish stuff

USS Albacore in Portsmouth NH, easy to get to, self guided tour, you can touch anything on the boat.

Now you can have a twist of 2019 in your 2012: Microsoft goes back to the future with Edge on Windows 7/8


Would like to hear the pitch for this

Hey there 7user, want the all new M$ Edge?

-uhmm no thanks, it was crap first time around

No, no no, this all new, it's Chrome with M$ bullshit on top

- then why don't I just continue using Chrome then?

Well Uhhmm, nevermind!

Still sniggering at that $999 monitor stand? Apple just got serious about the enterprise


6 grand

For a a high spec cheese grater...

Let's make laptops from radium. How's that for planned obsolescence?


Re: "the fantasy bliss of climate-change denial"

The damage was done by the time we realized it, they have proven that the eco laws passed have worked... But now because the atmosphere is so clean, the clouds don't reflect enough sunlight that the polluted clouds did, causing the seas to warm... Ever seen pics from the early to mid 1900's? The amount of pollution in the air was visible.

So by making the world cleaner, we have unmasked the damage already caused, we cant undo it, unless we put up carbon scrubbers everywhere and bury the waste. The horse left the barn years ago, but nobody noticed!


Hmmm, trying to remember the sci-fi short story of intelligent alien microbes that digested plastic straight to alcohol....


Re: Friend of mine had a Chevette with that 'feature'

AHH yes, the days of the 307 V8, what utter POS they were

Geiger counters are so last summer. Lasers can detect radioactive material too, y'know


oh Great!

Now I'm blind And radioactive!!

IT guy at US govt fraud watchdog stole 16 computers from... US govt fraud watchdog


Don't steal from the gubermint

They take competition very seriously!

Official science: Massive asteroids are so difficult to destroy, Bruce Willis wouldn't stand a chance


Kinda makes sense

A larger asteroid would survived multiple gravitational encounters , it's Darwinism in space, only the toughest get big.

ReactOS 0.4.11 makes great strides towards running Windows apps without the Windows


Too little, too late

While I applaud the tenacity of the small team working on this, it's still in sub ver 1 after how many years now? By the time ver 1 arrives, the world will have moved on again, it missed it's window of opportunity by 15 years...

Twilight of the sundials: Archaic timepiece dying out and millennials are to blame, reckons boffin


Funny timing on this...

I was traveling the back roads of Cheshire last week and stopped to get a few pics of a pub named The Cock, ( tee hee to my American friends) , and it has a sundial mounted vertically on the wall about 15 feet up, had never even contemplated a vertical sundial before, but yes, it works!

Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut


R.I.P Mr Haynes

Your advice helped me beyond mention with all the Saab's I've owned, tool pictures were especially helpful as never having seen a tri-lobed socket before, I was able to make one with standard socket and big ass file . Hats off to you Sir!

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide


Re: Is it a jury of twelve?

My uncle had multiple personalities, it's ok though, he was good people !

Apple blew my mind – literally, says woman: MagSafe plug sparked face-torching blaze, lawsuit claims



Tell that to the 3 poor bastids in Apollo 1!

The best way to screw the competition? Do what they can't, in a fraction of the time


Oh the horror

Nobody's mentioned Banyon Vines :o

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit


Re: The 'Trust' Factor: Toxic Patches / Firmware Updates

Pssst... hey pal, come over here .... a little secret to tell ya... most major brand laser drivers are based off the HP laser jet 3 and 4 driver... they all work with this MS built in driver, may not have the functionality if you have a fancy box tho.


Re: Lexmark next

Guesbwhat? Epsom does the same, when the waste ink sponge tank is deemed "full" you need to buy a new tank, or find the software that allows you to reset the code

Dust off that old Pentium, Linux fans: It's Elive



True Antic, lubuntu, a fee others, couldn't be bothered with puppy as it was for an adult , none could get WiFi running, its really old, as in the battery is square and sits kinda in the middle , ( still held a charge tho!) of the bottom case.

Believe I left it with lubuntu and a cat 5 .

I just really hate throwing serviceable equipment away.


Did you ever get WiFi running ? Tried every light distro out there on an old Pentium M based Acer, could ne er get WiFi running properly

Boffins bork motion control gear with the power of applied sound



Can we set some speaker up under the aisle shelves at the local supermarket so the next time some little shyte decides to hoverboard through the store, he gets the equivalent of rice under the old skateboard wheels trick

US border cops told not to search seized devices just for the hell of it



Anyone with common sense knows once you're pulled for anything, you are suspect for the next few years.

I forgot I had a small screwdriver in my laptop bag going on a domestic flight one time, you would have thought it was sword by their reaction, I just told them toss it in rubbish as not worth the hassle, but every time I flew for next 3 years, I was pulled out if line and patted down" just because"......

I spy with my little eye ... a quantum drum with TRILLIONS of atoms



The real question is, can this be used for instantaneous communication at a distance of oh say, Earth to Mars??

You. FCC. Get out there and do something about these mystery bogus cell towers, huff bigwigs


Land of the free??

I would think this would fall under " expected privacy of use" when joining a mobile provider, the fact the FCC is doing nothing tells you it's a US Gov deployed trap. Try setting up a low wattage FM radio station in your house to broadcast your favourites and see how fast an FCC rep knocks on your door, history has proven pretty darn fast!

The cats out of the bag now, someone created these to law enforcement, and as all technology goes, was available to anyone willing to pay a few years later. Thanks to whoever made this possible :/

US Army warns of the potential dangers of swarming toy drones on US soldiers



One at time are quite noisy, a swarm would be pretty deafening, plenty of time to get the Mossberg 12 gauge ready, a team if two men would take little time to render a swarm into useless bits of plastic, and bonus points for igniting explosive packages far enough away to take out the other drones!

Scientists change their minds, think water may be all over the Moon


get thee some bottles

And a rocket, Moon Water!!! I smell profit!

Microsoft ends notifications for Win-Phone 7.5 and 8.0


still using a 625 and 635

MS mobile interface is still the best for one handed operations, its a shame they never got fully behind it.Im still miffed my models never got the 10 update they were promised, but we all knew with 512 mg if memory, it was going to be a sqeaker if we ever did. Yes IE sucks on it, don't even think of going to /. On it, crashes every time...

A tiny Ohio village turned itself into a $3m speed-cam trap. Now it has to pay back the fines


Re: Speed limits have never saved a single life

Dont know much about these days, but in the early 80's our drivers ed in school did do exactly this, to top it off, i learned to drive in winter, in New England. Our instructor would take us to an icy parking lot, let you get up to 25mph, then slam on the brakes, you didn't pass until you could keep the car straight in a skid. His words still reverberate in my head after all these years, going down a snowy 35 MPH road with 2 bare tracks of asphalt to keep the wheels in.." Track.....Track.....keep Tracking......

NASA is sniffing jet fuel over Germany


call me crazy, but...

Why are they not just testing this on a run up stand, just saying, seems a silly waste to have an aircraft flying, with another whole aircraft behind you ti sniff your tailpipe, when you could just have one engine on a test stand!

China's first space station to – ahem – de-orbit in late March


anyone know

What salvage rights exist here? If you lose control of a spacecraft and someone else flies up and fixes it, who can claim ownership? Seems a waste for a 5 year old future segment of a private space port to go to waste...

1980s sci-fi movies: The thrill of being not quite terrified on mum's floral sofa


Seaquest was nothing more than STNG underwater, I cringe whenever I witness an episode of NExt Gen, all politically correct and bad hair.

Now Space Above and Beyond held so much promise, it was a proto BSG reboot, with gritty storylines, could have been a better story than that Hokey Star Trooper movie..


"from beyond"

Or any other Jeffrey Coombs movie from that era, always a treat!

'Twas the night before Y2K and a grinch stole the IT department's overtime payout


Re: Back when I was stuck in the 9-5 rut ...

taint nothing wrong with that :)

Danger! High voltage: German customs bods burn half-tonne of weed in power station


Re: What a waste ?

Yes today the government burned 550 kilos, wait... Make that 540 kilos of high grade weed, hey can I get a Mountain Dew over here, got a bad case of dry mouth for some reason

The End of Abandondroid? Treble might rescue Google from OTA Hell


Re: Yet Again Fail

I call BS in this, modern phones ARE a pc, with keyboard,modem and screen built in, in fact high end phones are being touted as "pc power" in your pocket, yes binary blobs, blah, blah,blah, but it points to where Android is broken.The phone manufacturers need only update the blobs, that get will get attached to the base OS by a software program loaded on your pc during the phone update process, this CAN be done.

Send via my windows phone, which is a small pc, albeit a crap one!


always wondered why..

Google just couldnt just provide the base android, then with your phone hooked to a computer after android was updated, it would then prompt you with Hey, you need to upgrade these drivers to work with the new OS, you know, like windows used to be like when you freshly loaded it .

Credit insurance tightens for geek shack Maplin Electronics


one needs only

To look at Radioshack in the States to see where Maplins is heading....

WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again


this, after how much spent on IT upgrade

oh ya, only 10 Billion....


San Franciscans unite to smite alt-right with minefield of doggy shite


Re: Fines?

Your "right" to swing a fist ends at the tip on MY nose, anything further is assault, but being a Libtard that you are, you don't understand "other" peoples rights, do you?

Physicists send supersonic shock waves rippling through a lab


not to be pedantic, but..

in the lab, with air, ok to use mach as a speed, but i feel this is strange to use in space as mach is speed through a substance, ( in our case,air). Just seems funny...

Semiconductor-laced bunny eyedrops appear to nuke infections


copper, the miracle element...

Copper is an excellent bactericide, we used to know this as all door handles in hospitals used to be copper, glad to see they have taken this into the 21st century.

User loses half of a CD-ROM in his boss's PC


Re: Paper yes...

Enough with your fan-nying about!

Wet, wild Mars stripped off by hot young star, left barren and red faced


I concur

mars is lacking a large enough moon to knead the crust and keep the core from solidifying, Phobos is a lost cause, will probably spiral into the planet in a few million years, Deimos is tiny, before we think of setting up shop there, we need to send out hundreds of small mass drivers to the asteroid belt, nudge quite a few rocks into Deimos' path and hopefully collide and stick, once a large enough mass is built up, let the tidal stresses do their thing. may want to chuck a few bigger ones at Mars to soften it up for good measure.

The lack of a magnetosphere around Mars is the big puzzle piece that needs to be solved before we set up a colony.

Annoyingly precocious teen who ruined Trek is now an asteroid


Wesley Crusher

The Jar Jar Binks of the Trek universe


Wesley Crusher..

The Jar Jar Binks of the Trek universe.....

Chevy Bolt electric car came alive, reversed into my workbench, says stunned bloke


Re: Odd belief

for those of old enough to know, it was called an Emergency Brake, for that reason, coming down a windy mountain road, rock flips up and nicks the brake line, single master cylinder, you could gently pull out the Emergency Brake to slow the car, as they had a cable and sometimes their own pads , it was a requirement on driving tests to be able to slow the vehicle to a stop using the E brake...

Ecuador admits it cut Assange's internet to stop WikiLeaks' US election 'interference'


Re: @Big John - these emails are not from Hillary's server

except trump never wiped an email server during an fbi investigation

HP Inc's rinky-dink ink stink: Unofficial cartridges, official refills spurned by printer DRM


Re: Are the complainers...

epson may not lock cartidges, but they can be just as bad with other things, like propiatary waste tank lock up, and they use oodles of ink during calibration, chucked mine afyer umpy cartridges 1/2 emptied during cleaning cycles, went colour laser and never looked back

Will IT support please come to the ward immediately. Weeeee have a tricky problem


well now

We had a fax machine come in for repair one time....it was Full of dead roaches, must have been a few hundred! Come to find out, the house it had been in was so infested the exterminator took one look, and turned around ,walked out and wouldn't come back. Needless to say..i gave it to the new guy to soak in a vat of alcohol before the inevitable scrape out.

NIST's quantum boffins have TELEPORTED stuff over a HUNDRED KILOMETRES


i though thats what Einstein postulated

When he called it spooky action at a distance, two entangled particles, no matter how far apart, it you change the spin on one, the other will instantly respond the same way. Or has my memory been corrupted by too many beers and curries?


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