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So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...


Re: Interesting stuff

Yes. This.

US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped



You talk like there were only two options - The Corporate Hawk or the Blowhard.

There weren't.

How many people voted for one 'cos the other was beyond the pale?

One is a professional politician and the corporate candidate, and the other is a businessman with a string of bankruptcies behind him, and and a disgusting human being to boot.

You could have chosen Sanders - a pro politician himself, but an apparently humane person.

But no - he's a socialist.

So let's have the blowhard, who puts on a great show and will 'mix things up' in Washington.

Good luck with that.

US school comes out fighting over webcam spy claim


How is it...

...the school's responsibility to punish a student for 'improper behaviour' not only outside school hours and off of school property, but IN THE STUDENT'S OWN HOME? The sneaky use of the web-cam is just the means to an end.

Or am I missing something obvious about school authorities in the U.S.?

Phorm moves beyond privacy - except when slating rivals


If Phorm fails...

... it might be worth keeping an eye on what happens to the technology, who buys it (or the IP rights), etc.

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