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Remembering the true* first portable computer


Great bit of writing

Some genuine laughs from reading that, thanks.

The best netbook-friendly Linux distros


Kuki Linux

Kuki seems to work very well on my base model Acer Aspire One - it's based on Ubuntu but optimised for the AA1... boots up very quickly indeed, and seems to run small too. I even got my T-Mobile 3G dongle dialled in after a bit of googling/persuasion.

I tried Ubuntu netbook remix on it, but the streaming video performance from YouTube was pretty awful.

AMD to take on Intel's Atom... but not netbooks


Er, that should read

GBP120 posted.


Acer Aspire Ones

Were available, at least least week, refurbished at Dabs... the 8GB SSD model with Linux. An absolute bargain at about GBP posted. I bought two, they both work fine.

BT does Italian Job on London traffic lights


Aah, this might explain...

...why London City Airport was in a chaotic mess this morning, with huge queues at check-in, and a huge wait at the gate for my hugely delayed plane.

They mentioned their "main IT feed" being down. The whole airport seemed to be being run with pen and paper.

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