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Computer nostalgia is 10 PRINT 'BOLLOCKS'


Re: 30 RUN

Yep SAVE "BOLLOX" LINE 10 would be how I normally have got the program to auto run. Was handy for when you had to load a SCREEN$ and several blocks of code. I often used it to load a Turbo code to make the rest of the program load up faster with funky colour effects in the border

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


About 20 years ago I had been at a sleepover (I was about 13?) we hired a film - we watched about 10 mins of this woman whom before moving out of the house insisted on saying goodbye to everything such as the light fittings, walls etc.

I cant think for the life of me what it was called, chain moving -something like that? Have no idea who was in it nor anything else - it was abruptly cut short by my friends parents whom had deemed it to be a load of tosh. Anyone remember it?

Recently, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button sent me to sleep as did the twilight dross...


Piranha (3D) is another....

Did anyone else go to see it simply to see Kelly Brook swimming nude in 3D?

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