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UK Music secret data: 'Young people will pay for downloads'

George Watson

Say what?

""Let's say you develop a graduated response that has got 95 steps. So you've now asked somebody 95 times very nicely and very politely can you please stop doing that and 95 times they've refused to," he said. "What do you do?""

But your industry isn't asking 95 times, you are _demanding_ just three times -- which doesn't give much room for errors -- and your industry doesn't have a habit of asking 'very nicely' and 'very politely' now, does it?

And for that matter "Acting like judge and jury" by getting the ISP to shut the user off without due process of law" wouldn't be a valid "What do you do" even if you had asked 999,95 times.

(Sighs) Jumping to absurd extremes to belittle the opposition's position is a fallacious attack, not a valid argument. We could more validly suggest that three strikes is just as ridiculous in the 'too few' direction, given the errors that can be made.


Android tethering app tossed

George Watson

Actually, while I'm posting anyway:

David John Walsh makes a better point above than he realises: Not only do T-mobile UK offer a 'Web and Walk Plus' package which actively allows tethering (excluding Voice data traffic) but when I got my G1, I was told that T-mobile were *requiring* G1 users to sign-up to Web and Walk Plus because the pushed data and anticipated higher data use required WaW+'s 3GB per month data cap (instead of vanilla WaW's 1GB limit - but not to worry as Web and Walk plus was already included in the monthly tarriff pack for the G1!

Perhaps that's worthy of follow-up by El Reg - T-mobile (U.S?) Pushes Google to ban a tethering app from its market despite the fact that every T-Moble G1 user in the UK (*) is allowed to tether perfectly legitimately by the terms of their, er, T-Mobile contract!

Certainly sounds like an own goal to me, especially as Google's Android HQ is in London.


(* - Yeah, I know - all 10 of us... )

George Watson


While I appreciate a good, heartfelt rant - and Ryan's was excellent! - I need to correct a misunderstanding.

While the Android Market is a bloody convenient way to buy apps, unlike the Apple appstore, you're not locked into it. There are other 'appstore' websites out there, including Handango's AndroidGear one, among others. There are also 3rd-party developers posting apps for download because they don't want to spend the £25 fee to register for the Android Market and also commercial developers selling via their corporate sites.

There are many subjective arguments to be made in the WinMob versus Android debate, but the ringfencing one isn't really one of them.

And of course as pointed out above, this makes Google's move a little ineffective (perhaps intentionally?) - especially as there is an app out there that allows tethering without needing root access - free, and written by an established company, which the Android Market has never seen.



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