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Sugar content now to be measured in Cadbury Creme Eggs


Re: The contents

Actually it is water based, but as pure water will not conduct electricity (it is the ions in solution that provide the free electrons that conduct) and sugar dissolved in water produces no ions, sugar water in any concentration will not conduct unless there is a ion source also in the mix


Potential ALIEN LIFE habitats FOUND ON MOONS


yes, yes it is.

Essentially the scientists are saying, "hay we are 99.99% sure there is life on earth and some of it might even be intelligent, so if we look at other planets and astral body's that are similar to earth then there is a chance that there may also be life on them"

This is better than saying, "hey we have found a million planets all with vstly different climates and conditions to our own, by some magnificent flights of the imagination we think they might be able to sustain some kind of life form that is nothing like anything we have any evidence for"


Microsoft merges Windows 8 with Xbox Live


Yeah but for WoW and other MMO's of its kind, you are paying for the running of the game servers, for new content and for 24-7-365 support.

there are games for the Xbox that host the games on the players machines yet you still have to pay subscription for this privilege you are essentially paying just to allow one Xbox to talk to another over the internet which is provided by someone else.

You do not get anything for your Xbox live subscription that is not free on PC's, PS3's and Wii's.

I think the saying is "moeny for old rope"



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