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Leeds council cuts contractor rates

Ed Smith

Somewhat missed the point...

Rates and work return are not relevant. Nobody came in and took away assigned budget. By all means renegotiate at renewal time (both parties often do) and offer a lower rate. Then the decision remains with the contractor.

The point I make is not about how much someone gets paid but more about the commitment to funds thy they make on an agreed rate.

Nobody, permies or contractors like pay cuts - you shouldn't need them mid term if you managed your budget correctly...

Ed Smith

But seriously....

How many times must this happen....we contract because the money attracts us and we keep our skills fresh and make us good value for money. Permies scoff (as always) but I'm fed up with watching company after company (and now council) jump on the bandwagon of 'right sizing'.

If people knew how to properly manage budgets: - I know that my contract is £X a day and I need him for 50 days then I need 50 x X then do the bloody business case.

If it stacks at X you don't need to piss everyone off by enforcing X - 10%!?

Forcing rates lower introduces crap skills into the market as the differential decreases. Then you get bad names on contractors and you're then only getting work by old school boys network.

Rant over.



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