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U2 song whacked my hard drive

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no chance

I own an Aspire One - Linus version with SSD.

I replaced the standard ssd which was too sloooow with a better SSD drive and XP.

After this mod, this is the best notebook bang for buck.

I am really impressed by my machine and I am an IT Techie.

If this is true..not confirmed..Playing music at max will crash a SSD if there is a power issue.

This will happen to any flash or ssd drive if power abend. FLASH drives need good power.

I believe the rumour and it does sound possible BUT....who would want to play at max volume

a track through the crappy little netbook speakers anyway??????????????

(Note. It could be a faulty unit specific to his netbook.)

The easy work around however is to plug in your system to external speakers and

external amp for better quality sound if there is a power issue driving the inetrnal speakers.

The Acer Aspire One rocks!!!!

I definitely recommend it.


Boffin builds DIY solar cell from doughnuts and tea

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Never Work

This will never work.

Has this guy seen the crap people eat over here in the UK.

He would never get enough donuts out of the tea room!

P leit
Jobs Horns

all we need

great...so the donut & tea solar panel it generates electricity...needed to power the LIGHTS

inside because no natural light can get through the donut and tea smeared windows!!!!

good one Dr einstein! hee hee hee


eSATA: A doomed stopgap?

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esata here to stay

I disagree but not completely.

I have esata devices but currently frustrated by the vendor support of this

emerging device.esata is really good.Better than usb2.

It is more corporate politics and vested interest slowing this adoption

with big vendors sitting on the fence.

1. esata is here and now, performs faster than usb and is quick enough to last a decade.

2. all it needs is power with the port(esatav3) like usb to make it more popular and it will win.

3. Esata is just the external connector to sata controllers which have already

won in the mainstream hdd market. Sata is already mainstream and industry standard now.

So they just extend off existing present sata success which is popular.

SSD don't have the capacities of external sata drives for the price/ performance.

4. esata connector is as simple as usb to the user.

To be a success, esata needs driver support with vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Sun etc

There is room for both standards as they connect to different controllers.

eg. sata controller and usb controller.

There is already convergence of esata and USB.

There is room for both.

Both standards will survive IMHO.

P leit

Has the author experience with eSATA?

I WONDER Has the author had experience with eSATA?

Is he aware of the things you can do with esata devices which cannot be done with usb?

My experience is not many techies have real hands on experience with esata.

eg. i came back from Hk with an esata gadget and no one at the Computer market in London

had one or knew about esata and there was 40+ "IT techies" there.

esata needs more vendor support to be a real success.

If he had, I doubt he would reach his conclusion.

esata, usb & firewire ...all here to stay.

P leit

esata = sata

Esata will only fail if sata fails.

sata is the dominant hdd controller standard equally as popular as usb.

Anyone can add esata to a sata controller for the price of a $2 cable and knowledge

of using a screwdriver.

It might go the way of scsi...which is still here.



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