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Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'


You want something to think about

Galactica, jumped from a singularity to earth. Assume for just an instance 150K years ago there was a singularity that close to the solar system. The range of the Jump would have to be at least 5-100 light years and assuming that, wouldnt we KNOW there is a singlaurty out that... even now... we'd see it ALSO! Wouldnt "earth" have been scoped by the BAD cylons. I mean really especially if the cylons were as smart as they say, would they not have sensors in every solar system within 1 jumps distance of their main colony! Frack! I'll take that they had a great castle wall to hide behind, but you still keep skirmishers and scouts out there to know where your fronts are starting.

I am shooting holes in a show that I love, Frack you I am a fanboy! ESAD

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