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Dell offers XP again amidst Vista complaints

christopher guthrie

Free money from Dell?

After hearing of Dell bringing back XP, I contacted them about the possibility of having an OEM sent out for the inspiron i purchased 2 months ago. (it came with Vista Premium). My argument being that Vista made my laptop run like a dog and I couldnt use many of my insurance related software.

I received 2 different answers from 2 different customer service reps:

1) "We sympathize with your situation sir and as a valued customer, we can offer you a $50 credit which you can then purchase an OEM version of XP from our sales department for the same amount of money". When i tried to contact the sales department, they had no idea what i was talking about and referred me onto another customer support person who said...

2) "Sorry sir, but we are not offering versions of XP for customers who previously purchased their laptops with Vista ". After arguing for 10 mins and emailing the previous conversation to the sales rep, they then offerred me a further $50 credit.

It seems like the $50 credit tactic is one that has been allowed by upper management and as long as you say you're hacked off with vista, they'll give you it!!!

Free money....got to love it!



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