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Acer upgrades Aspire One netbook

Jerry Lefever
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get rid of the glossy screen

Why do most of the netbooks have glossy screens? I use mine out in the cart, can't see a damn thing, only myself in the reflection!


OpenOffice 3.1 ready to lick Microsoft's suite?

Jerry Lefever

OO vs MS Office

The best MS Office version is 2003 IMO.It would be the icing on the cake if OO could read/edit/save *.pub files.


Ofcom slaps Bristol radio for uncoolness

Jerry Lefever

They are all the same!

I think its appalling that what appear to be local stations are all syndicated from London or wherever. SmoothFM does too for some of the time.

The only stations that are putting out local content (news events) are the new tier of Community Stations popping up. There are about 100+ now I believe. At least its real radio, instead of the faceless, boring playlisted rubbish that comes from the likes of Hereward Radio, Leicester Sound. No wonder there are pirate stations about!

I've found that an internet radio is the best thing since sliced bread. At least you get a choice of stations to listen to. Shame you can't listen to them in your car (well, I suppose you can if you jigged up some 3G receiver connected to a PC in your car, and providing you have 3G coverage where you are travelling)

Get rid of the playlists. Get rid of the syndicates.



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