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Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'

The Root Of All Evil

And we can rely on Jeremy Hunt to always tell us the truth about media deals.

Why hasn't he been prosecuted for the BSkyB fiasco yet?

Virgin Media wipes out websites with routing blackhole

The Root Of All Evil

Oh really?

I'm sending this through Virgin Media cable and I've had no outage issues all week.

In fact, of the entire year or so I've been with them (out in the sticks), I've not had more than 15 minutes of outage. Maybe this is just a regional thing?

BBC zombie caper slammed by security pros

The Root Of All Evil

Interesting indeed

Having originally written the Escapist article, it's quite gratifying that it was picked up. I've had no further comment from any of the involved companies but I will be watching this with some intrepidation.

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