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Ethernet — a networking protocol name for the ages

Jeremy Foot


Actually, my network virginity was broken on Apollo Token Ring (with uni-directional coax cabling, dammit). Worked quite nicely at the time because the response order of the nodes was deterministic. Too long ago for me to remember Apollo's corporate colour. I have only ever decommisioned the IBM thing.

Fair'nuff on tokenless ring. The real point is that very little of Metcalf's thinking is left in the network we use today. Common cable and CSMA-CD just didn't withstand the scale that data networking demanded. I susbscribe to the view that people are making a hero out of someones inflated opinion of himself. Credit him with creation of the name but what else?

I'd guess at three of Jas. Watts ideas being still used in turbines.

Since you ask, are we talking about Cherubim, Seraphim or Thrones on this here pin?

Jeremy Foot

Metcalf is passing tokens these days

Allowing for a wikipedian approach to fact checking, I'm pretty sure that not much of the original 'Ethernet' technology exists in what we gaily use on a day to day basis. If memory serves CSMA-CD was under severe strain with the 100Mb standards and was done away with for 1Gb. They replaced it with a 'token passing algorithm'.

So Token Ring won by changing its name to Ethernet.

Don't let that James Watt bloke try to fix your steam turbine either.



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