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Nokia releases 8GB N95 smartphone

Phil Eagle


Just a few corrections:

1) The A-GPS feature is available to all N95 owners, not just the ones with the N95-8Gb. this feature was enable with a firmware update It works quite well: I find the fix time dropped from 2 minutes (yes really) to 20 seconds or so.

2) The original N95 never had 4Gb of memory. It has 160mb of internal memory with the possibility of addressing upto 4Gb of memory using a microSD-HC card. On the N95-8Gb, this memory slot is removed to give space for the internal memory. So this model in truth adds 8Gb to the older model.

regards, Phil


Nokia N95 multimedia slider phone

Phil Eagle


I have had one of these for two weeks:

1) It is (GSM) Quad-band: It supports WCDMA2100 (HSDPA), EGSM900, GSM850/1800/1900 MHz (EGPRS) as per http://www.nokia.co.uk/A4344017. No phone in the world is 3G `Quad-band' (sic) yet. I have tested this functionality and this was a small mistake in the post.

2) I have one from O2 UK: In responce to an earlier post it supports VOIP via the SIP stack and Fring works perfectly by 3G or WiFi, so I can do Skype calls and MSN messenger messages perfectly. GoogleTalk is also supported.

3) The device is very good IMHO but such a small device will always have compromises. The main limitations/bugs/faults are:

A) Poor battery life via the BL-5F battery

B) Poor quality GPS receiver; has great trouble maintaining a signal - post and pre firmware upgrade. Better chipsets exist that Nokia could have used.

C) WiFi has connectivity issues: Using advanced settings and disabling power management helps, but then this sucks the battery dry.

All in all though - the best phone I have owned (from 17) i the last 9 years.




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