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Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020

Gerardo Korndorffer

Re: Not sure about Office?

Clearly the "sudo installer" gave us all a good laugh but he does have a point, Windows is easier to use.

Albeit, some Linuxes are quite easy to use, (my kids are using Ubuntu + Libre Office at home), Windows is still easier to use and they only know about Windows & iOS at their school.

The real problem is fighting perception that there are no real alternatives. Perhaps they should have considered a mixed environment with Linuxes and Windows on a need to use basis...

Everyday Office needs can be Happy handled with various Office Suites like Libre Office while some specific applications Will requiere Windows.

I personally have a problem trying to understand why should I have to choose between going full Windows or full Linux...

Assange™ pens world's first unauthorised autobiography

Gerardo Korndorffer

Autobiography or "Autobiography"

Since he did neither write it nor authorize I hardly find the term appropiate, (even though he did have the thing started in the first place).

Legal goons threaten researcher for reporting security bug

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RE: Somebody explain to me...

Easy to understand if you think a bit about it....let me ask you a little question...do you truly believe only "white hats" discover bugs?

If not exposed, it could mean that it will be either not fixed nor checked on the rest of the code, (a different part might have the same issue)...so it is nice to have someone cleaning up the zero day vulnerabilities...even if you have to work a bit to make your system stable.

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future

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RE: Followup

I'd rather have an article facing facts like:

- We need nuclear power.

- How mistakes are going to be corrected.

Gerardo Korndorffer

RE: After weeks of watching the comments → #

Have we been reading the same? Obviously not, because I could not read so many posts anticipating an apocalyptic disaster. There were a few, that much I concede, but there are many more who are pro-nuclear, but totally against how this plant, (like many others), was built, managed and maintained.

Let's face the facts, this could have been much worse, partial meltdown could have been avoided if only they had properly protected the diesel engines and reservoirs. Was it that expensive? :(

This kind of disaster, (quake & tsunami) is to be expected in Japan, as there have been other quakes of magnitude larger than 8.0, so much for not even using historical series!.

Still we get the article's author living in an alternate reality and he even has a crowd of followers!!

Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes

Gerardo Korndorffer

RE: Ignorance

"You know you have problems when you downvote a comment based on science and reality and upvote a comment based on stupid, groundless optimism.(...)"

Not only those based on science, but those based on sheer common sense.

Known facts are that the tsunami was to be expected, (plant tsunami protection was not up even to past japanese earthquakes), and that the plant was not ready for it, but it could have been. Merely stating this gets you a deluge of down votes....and it is ridiculous, if not puerile.

So it is a FAIL and the articles provided by Mr. Page are diverting attention from the important questions:

"How are we going to keep people from saving money where they shouldn't, specially when building & maintaining nuclear power plants?" (Closing down nuclear plants is not a viable option for now)

"Why has the situation come to talks about encasing the reactors?" Certainly things are not as Mr. Page indicates.

"What are the economic consequences of not properly preparing the plant?"

"Are we for once going to measure statistically measure up the impact of the radioactive leak?"

This is seldom done, and would require to accept unexplained death rates increases over the next 10 years on areas close to the nuclear plant, or affected by fallout (however minimal/short lived it may seem to be).

Of course, these analysis should be also done on chemical spills, and I bet there lots of them after the tsunami.

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday

Gerardo Korndorffer

what really annoys me...

...is that some people blame it on "...something that could not be predicted..." ...for heaven's sake guys (and the occasional geek lady)

Japan already had a 8.4 Richter quake back in 1933!!

Still the plant was designed to stand a lot less than that, (and that is ignoring the fact that the earthquake was 75 miles away).

That is a serious irresponsability, plants should be designed to stand a lot more than what is suggested by historic series.

Tsunamis and floods should not be able to put any of their vital systems out of work. Specially if you are to have it by the sea in a seismic area.

Congrats for the engineers, (and builders), that made it so it did not fall to pieces, but on higher levels of responsability it is time for torches... and it is not the time to congratulate on how a plant was above its specs...it is time specs are upgraded to match actual needs...safety is mandatory, and quakes&tsunamis stronger than those known of are to be expected and included in the specs.

BTW, if you get a disaster related to some other forms of getting energy you just clean up the mess, (some chemicals can be nasty but they can't kill you meters away), afterwards and rebuild....I dare anyone comparing accidents can say the same about nuclear waste. (Exclusion zone anyone?)

The reasons nearly no one is considered a death victim are that most will not die immediately and people tend to be evacuated before rad leves can kill you on the spot. You will die or have a miserable life afterwards. Check this http://rarediseases.about.com/od/rarediseasest/a/chernobyl.htm

Let's get some nice stats on Japan in 10 years, shall we?

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

Gerardo Korndorffer

What a piece of $....

This article fails on nearly every aspect of it, not to mention the most important part.

The f%%%% plant should have been designed to stand such an earthquake and the tsunami that naturally comes with it.

Though I am not against nuclear power I am strongly against how it is treated by most pro nuclear people....

First of all, nuclear plants are being built in an irresponsible way, they should by design be able to stand quakes, tsunamis, and the likes without any kind of fear about its safety.


If historic series show that a 7.5 earthquake is likely you should build expecting a 9.5....and the upcoming tsunami should not be able to affect critical equipment.

Also the article fails to reflect that the nuclear plant stood a 8.9 earquake that happened 75 miles away...could it have standed a 7.5 if the epicenter had been right under it?

I doubt it.

More over

If a plant has an accident without a prior catastrophe, such as an earthquake, terrorist attack etc... it certainly proves that said plant should be permanently closed as it is inherently dangerous. (just try to recall small incidents worldwide)

By the way, nuclear pollution in the form of radioactive materials is by far more dangerous and prone to travel than any other form of pollution. A small amount is bound to pollute large areas, WTF are they thinking when they compare it with other sorts of pollutants?

Spaniards bemoan 'joke' speed limit cut

Gerardo Korndorffer


(...)Speed limits in Spain are a total joke. I live here and nobody, not even the police, seems to take any notice of them(...)

I live here as well and I must correct you

1. It's not "even the police", it is "specially the police"....

(Speed cameras do exist so it is a joke once you have memorized where they are).

BTW: you can play a nice, (albeit a bit dangerous), game when in Spain:

- If you happen to know where the speed cameras are and you also happen to have a tailgating idi...mmm fellow behind you can always speed enough so he stays tailgaiting you and speeding (the faster the better), combine it with something that ennerves him/her like decreasing speed and not letting him/her get ahead of you.

When the speed camera gets real close, change the lane and step on the brakes, (so YOU don't get a ticket), allowing him/her to pass. 99% he/she will get a hefty ticket.

Please take due note that I am not endorsing this kind of behaviour, of course not, who would want tailgaters to get 600€ fines? not me....no no

Gerardo Korndorffer

If that was true...

(...)Of course going faster uses more fuel. (...)

Sure, 1st gear and head to your destination...the consumption will be horrible my fellow Register reader.

Have you ever ridden a bicycle? With gears? Please do and you will see the point once you've realized that the slowest isn't always the less costly.

Depending on the car it can quite different. On my Corolla Verso D4D 136CV I've had to say goodbye to the 6th gear...it won't do with 110kph, so I am actually consuming more diesel at 110 than I was doing at 120...and the car's systems tell me I am right.

Gerardo Korndorffer

Couldn't agree more

(...)Always drive as close to the car in front of you as possible.


The explains why today that nice fellow stayed about 30 cms away from my rear bumper on the motorway. He sure kept me awake, but please do keep in mind that you have to return the favour!! No free meals!!

Some fine examples of retribu...ahhem giving thanks include, but are not limited to, using lots of water on your front windshield, so you share it when large drops of water keep impacting his front windshield, and one of my favourites, barely touching the brakes so the lights get on without the car actually decreasing speed, (it does decrease a bit but it is irrelevant while he/she starts seeing braking lights on and steps on the brakes... all for the sake of staying awake of course.

Court OK's Assange Sweden extradition, given 7 days to appeal

Gerardo Korndorffer

Grave conceptual problem indeed

Exactly, I recommend writing down "innocent until proven guilty" a thousand and twenty four times.

Who needs 600 friends when you're a bride of Christ?

Gerardo Korndorffer

Actually you are right

Sr. stands for "Señor" which would translate as "Sir", "Dear Sir" = "Estimado Señor", aprox.

for a nun it would "Sor"


(The pirate flag as we need more pirates to avoid global warming )

Assange fights extradition in court

Gerardo Korndorffer

At last something I agree with...


No War Crimes.

No criminal activity by diplomats.

Just information to try and embarrass the US Government.

So in their leaks, have they created peace or have they created a situation for more war and strife?

Only time will tell.


The only saying of yours I agree with.

(The rest make me believe you don't understand that individual rights should be upheld, what individual rights are, and that Swedes could have saved time & money by taking a flight to question Assange, or using teleconference as some judges have done in the past, I distinctly remember a spanish judge questioning a London resident from Spain). Extradition for questioning? Bollocks!

Going back to your post, one would expect better from a whistleblowing site.... I'd like to see chinese secret documents as well...now that would be interesting!!

BTW providing chosen excerpts of information to WikiLeaks should be any information agency's next move...ahh they just don't make manipulators like they used to.

Gerardo Korndorffer

I don not agree

If the leaked documents actually proved him to be guilty of rape, then I'd say go for it, the rest is just propaganda with ill intent.

Gerardo Korndorffer

No failure in argument

You still confuse what a public institution, a corporation and a citizen are.

A public institution is a shared body that belongs to all of us, in effect we as citizens own it and thus should be entitled to control it.

A corporation is a privately owned body that operates under the rules that we, the citizens, have imposed over it, its right to privacy is at the very best limited to keep it safe from competitor's unfair use. Unfair practices are to be be shown.

A citizen is the basic element of society, the very foundation of it. You as a citizen are the own that should hold the power, goverment officials are your employees, and a corporation operates under your rules. Do not allow them to tell you otherwise.

Unless a citizen is a public figure, a citizen has every right to privacy. If a said citizen is a public figure, then unless the documents show/prove such citizen to have committed an unfair/criminal act such citizen holds every right to privacy. Leaked documents do not prove Assange as a rapist, thus there was ill intent in the leak.

Bear in mind, if you don't know what things really are then you are easily manipulated.

Gerardo Korndorffer


No double standards, government documents are not the same as citizen's documents.

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic

Gerardo Korndorffer

RE: What is wrong with your country?

"...that makes you feel the need to carry a semi automatic pistol around with you?"

Precisely my point, even though I do believe in the right to carry guns and to defend myself in force, and I do want to have the right to shoot burglars who get into my house, something is wrong if they feel the need to carry weapons around.

Check Switzerland, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Switzerland they do know how to handle weapons.

They are sane and understand when it is required/safe to have weappons.

Gerardo Korndorffer

Please don't invent statistics

Statistics indicate that a significant percentage of people invent statistics to prove their point :P

Please provide such statistics, origin and measures... I simply don't believe you, and I do believe you are making it up, (the statistics), unless the "statistics" include criminals having unlawful access to guns which would be cheating on the numbers, as criminals will get guns no matter how strict laws are, (take japan as an example) .


Gerardo Korndorffer

Way too effective....

About columbine...one thing I'd like to know is...how did they get into that mental state? why did they hate that much?

I have been a gun owner in the past, (in Spain where the regulation is very strict on guns), and gave up on having a gun because I reckoned that a small flat, guns and curious kids is an explosive combination. We wanted to have a kid, so the gun had to go...that is a consecuence of being a sane gun owner.

(It was a .22, what is it with americans loving large calibers? I was able to hit a target smaller than a human face at 50 metres...why using a .45 if I can hit anything at 50 metres?)

I do belive they have a problem with people in the USA, not merely with guns, maybe checking on gun owner's sanity would do the trick.

Spain grovels to penguins over 'Linux' anti-terror plot

Gerardo Korndorffer

Just for the sake of correctness...

Please check the article, where it says "(...)Fernández, 27, (...)", it should be "Gesalaga, 27" as in Spain you bear your father's and mother's family name, and for this alleged terrorist it would be like this:

Surname: Iraitz

Father's family name: Gesalaga

Mother's family name: Fernández

That is if he has not changed the default, as you can reverse the order to be the other way around, (having your mother's name first), as I did.



P.S. Now, where did I put my penguin?

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted

Gerardo Korndorffer

What is wrong with the Brits?

how is it possible that you are taking all this crap?

A friend of mine who used to work in London left London because he was complaining about the cameras, obnoxious and abussive police....I did not quite believe it but the more I read about these things the more I get scared that people actually take it!!! Will they take it in my own country?


12 of the best... mice

Gerardo Korndorffer

What happened to Logitech G9??

My favourite, it turned out that gamer mice solved my RSI problems... :)

eSATA: A doomed stopgap?

Gerardo Korndorffer

What I know is...

...that I have WD 500GB disk which supports eSATA, Firewire and USB...my company laptop does have an eSATA port (DELL E6400) and I bought an Express card for my home laptop.

This easily allows me to use my WB disk as the place to have my virtual machines to run on, (and movies for that matter :) )

I agree that USB3 is the future, but that is just because most users just don't want to have to buy a card and an eSATA disk/encasing and cabling, otherwise they could get proper performance today not next year. BTW USB3 cabling will probably cost as much as eSATAs so it's just the masses being taken driven....bahhh bahhhh

Jobless Brits face influx of foreign IT workers

Gerardo Korndorffer
Paris Hilton

crisis? what does that actually mean? :P

tsk tsk, some are too "bit minded"...it's not just 0 or 1...

moving some business abroad may or may be not a good idea depending on what you are moving overseas and your requirements

Based on my experience I'd say that working with people abroad who are not on your same time region is going to be costly and will be a time consuming experience. Expect a much slower pace for development...if it doesn't matter then it's alright to outsource overseas, it may be worth it.

Otherwise it's just following a trend because they (senior directors) want to follow the trend to appease stake holders and the company is bound to lose money...only there are no metrics to calculate the amount of money lost as it just seems that it is the locals who are losing time and risking the outcome of the project.

Remember that by default executives only look after their own interests, expect them thus not to care about the company. Unfortunately a caring executive is usually something from the past and will not heed your warnings about outsourcing core applications if it apparently saves some money (it may actuallly be far more costly as the process transfer is going to be costly and the return value may be reduced, i.e. how about checking what they are doing 3000Kms away? lol)

Paris because she knows how to make money


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