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Sennheiser MM50 for iPhone stereo headset

Sebastian Ware

Had my MM50 for two months

I have used a pair of MM50 daily for two months and I think they are great! And I actually prefer some of the features that aren't appreciated in this review, probably because I mainly use it as a handsfree.

I had previously two revisions of the V-Moda headset, both littered with design and build quality problems (the jack failed after two weeks on both, the cylindrical mic always pointed in the wrong direction and the on/off button was hardly locatable at all -- not even on the second revision). So I tried the MM50.

-Nice sound

-Nice weight and fit (works very well under a helmet when snowboarding)

-Reasonable mic (sometimes too low volume, don't know if it is the MM50 or iPhone)

-Asymetric cords -- I LOVE IT -- the rubber on the cords makes it stick and earphone at the end anchors nicely around the neck (typical handsfree setup)

-The on/off button is easily operated without looking at the mic, even with leather gloves

-The cord tangles a lot less than the v-moda

I have experienced that the buds yank out of the ear, but only when I catch the cord. I find that the rubberised cords actually reduce the "pull" from clothing (when used as a handsfree).

My verdict would be that this is a solid everyday handsfree which is also great for listening to music. If you use it mainly as a stereo headset and only occasionally to talk, I can imagine that you might find better alternatives.



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