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Apple's dark-horse macOS Mojave is out (and it's already pwned)


Re: No rush

Good advice.

First Boeing 777 (aged 24) makes its last flight – to a museum


Re: "...51,416 hours gracing the skies..." / 24 years = 25%

Highest utilisation I've ever seen is CPA A340 fleet: 21.3 hours/day one particular year.


The 747 wing never failed at all in this test!

No, no, you're all wrong. That's not a Kremlin agent. It's someone with 'inauthentic behavior'


So "inauthentic users" are on the Reg, too (AC about "impossible photo").

Stop us if you've heard this one: Adobe Flash gets emergency patch for zero-day exploit


To El Reg:

Really enjoyed the headline, thanks. Made I larf!

Airbus windscreen fell out at 32,000 feet


Re: made an emergency landing, .....

Actually FCU failure/departure is a major problem on an Airbus, actually; an incredible number of systems need to know what you're doing to the aircraft, in order to work properly (e.g. pressurisation, autothrottles, autopilot, fuel-management, lift-dump, auto-brakes, etc, etc.)

"Rather uncomfortable" is one hell of a euphemism for what would have been a frankly hideous nightmare of a day at the office.

I'm not exactly a huge fan-boy of Asian pilots generally, but this was bloody a case of bloody good piloting skills and airmanship. Chapeau to the Captain.



Asiana (or any Korean airline, to be frank) are definitely one(s) to avoid.

Openreach consults on shift of 16 MEEELLION phone lines to VoIP by 2025


So which quango/ineptocracy will make BT liable for recycling/disposing of all the old phone handsets (30 million or so, maybe) that will be made obsolete by this, I wonder?

Microsoft programming chief to devs: Tell us where Windows hurt you


I think this could be a loooooooong thread!

MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards


Re: So far so good

Not exactly filling me desire to modernise mine.....


@tokyo-octopus Am in exactly the same boat (and trackpad the same). SSD and memory do help. New laptops looks like chintzy crap, frankly; most disappointing.

Apple's magical quality engineering strikes again: You may want to hold off that macOS High Sierra update...


Re: There is an issue with obsolete, unsigned .kexts

Interesting. My 2011 iMac became un-bootable (re-install needed via System Recovery) after I changed the Firewall PF settings using Murus (and re-booted to make effective).

Never seen this before in almost 20 years of using Apple desktops/laptops daily.

Airbus warns it could quit A380 production


Re: Another happy traveller

Malaysian also lost 2 airliners in one year (2016).......from a pretty small fleet.

No amount of lounge refurbishment should make you forget that.

Hackers' delight: Mobile bank app security flaw could have smacked millions


Yet another reason to go nowhere near such apps.

Once again, UK doesn't rule out buying F-35A fighter jets



This is about the RAF getting F-35s for their tasks (e.g. long-range interdiction), not the RN's needs.


Re: Why go totally F-35?

No way its take-off run would triple.

Plus you're thinking still-wind distances. A 30-knot carrier steaming into a 20-knot wind would massively reduce the distance.

Then you just bolt on a ski-jump.

It would work.

Logicalis lands mega air traffic computer deal. Yes, that Logicalis


Re: Quite feasible

This would be unworkable on approach and departure at busy airports/terminal areas.

F-35s grounded by spares shortage


Re: F-111 : extrapolating a couple of the above mentions

Complete baloney.

Fixed-wing aircraft cannot maintain altitude whilst pointing the nose down, unless you mount the wings with an extremely odd chord-line angle, or have vectored thrust. The F-111 has neither.

Auto-makers told their autopilots need better safeguards


Re: Still say

Yes I really do have 20,000 hours and was merely replying to your comment: "So many people with no idea of what an autopilot does ready to criticise."

But go ahead and carry on arguing with yourself, because nowhere did I say that autopilots don't need monitoring.

With a genuine 20,000 hours I can tell you that "relying on experience..." is absolutely NOT dangerous

at all; it's the exact opposite.


Re: Still say

Some of us have plenty of autopilot time, thanks.

20,000 hours enough?

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't


Feature request

How's about a £500 cash-back feature!

DJI strips out code badness, reveals some GPL odds 'n sods


A terrorists wet-dream, this. Park a drone on the approach to any major airport's runway? Yes please.

Send explosives into a prison? Fantastic.

What are the positives that outweigh those negatives, then?

BAE Systems' autonomous research aircraft flies itself to Scotland


Just 2 words: Embedded Cumulonimbus.

Now sort claiming you can deliver (like you know, AEW Nimrod), BAe bull-shitters.

Airbus issues patch to prevent A350 airliner fuel tanks exploding


Re: No thanks!

As with most things in aviation, these issues were "identified" only after people died....in a Boeing 747.


Not A350-specific, at all. I would argue that they've just made the A350 even safer than ever.

Elon Musk among 116 AI types calling on UN to nobble robo-weapons before they go all Skynet


Re: Geneva Convention?

Pretty sure HARM is not automated. However, Patriot, THAAD and S-300 definitely are.

Patriot has already killed at least 2 British Tornado pilots (on approach to Dhahran, their IFF failed and they were shot down......about 10 years after the Iraq war; no-one thought to turn the Patriots off).

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course


Re: The industry is also facing a severe shortage of pilots

Pilots are blamed when they cannot recover from a (most-likely) systemic failure. That could be bad weather, lack of experience/training/currency, fatigue (through tiring rosters and a company that doesn't care/piss-poor regulator like EASA), ATC issues, engineering, all sorts. As the last line of defence, they usually get the blame ("they should have saved the aircraft"), but almost always it is a huge line-up of "holes" in the system that lead up to an accident.

On the surface, AF447 was "pilot error", but the Pitot probes were known to be faulty (and replacements were in the hangar for years) and the second officer had almost no real stick-time (all done in the simulator, so no-one knew he would freeze in panic in a real aircraft), etc., etc..

Pilots make probably thousands of saves per day world-wide; usually by anticipating systemic failures early and heading them off before anyone even notices. Mistakes are obviously made, but error-detection and error-recovery methods are probably the most rigorous in any industry.

I don't think that an automated system is going to get anywhere near as capable as a human for a long, long time. I certainly won't fly in one, ever.

Browser trust test: Would you let Chrome block ads? Or Firefox share and encrypt files?


Pi-hole will be ready, no matter what they do.

Autonomous driving in a city? We're '95% of the way there'


It's a Mercedes_benz driver's God-given right to hog the outside lane forever. See how often that is true.

HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS


Re: All this has happened before

It was a standard tape and it was used to load mission (navigation) data. In flight, it could be used to play music through the intercom. However, given the musical tastes of Navigators, it rarely was for long!

Blue Circle radar was applicable only to the F2/F3 Air-Defence version; the ground-attack/strike version radar was much simpler and worked well from day one.

BT considers scrapping 'gold-plated' pensions in bid to plug £14bn deficit


Re: Much like my pension, which I'll likely never get.

Surely it's up to the trustees, not HMRC.

Schiaparelli probe crash caused by excessive spin, report concludes


Re: Given this is a Pathfinder for the main event...

Sad to say, the root cause of the AF447 crash was extremely inept flying.

This is your captain speaking ... or is it?


Re: Whoa, hang on

True. It would be comforting to know that to be the case.


Re: Whoa, hang on

Well the IFE gets an arrival time from somewhere.....and I think it's the Flight Management computers.

So maybe not.

All of Blighty's attack submarines are out of action – report


Re: It is not UK defences it is other places UK should worry about Port Stanley?

That'll be 4 5th-generation fighters, Voland. Nothing the Argies have got can match, them, not even numbers.

RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears


Re: Flying While Blonde

Sounds like they were saved by the Overspeed Protection. They weren't that close to the ground really (and there is no auto pull-up anyway).


Re: Low level loss of concentration

That was the USN trying to do low-level and proving that they are fatally bad at it.


Re: Low level loss of concentration

So you phone up the RAF to tell them you're in an LFA, but when the Army ask you to that, they're fuckwits?

The only time I recall an RAF aircraft hitting a light civil, it was a photography aircraft flown and operated by just one guy (so how's he looking out/flying while photographing the ground, then) right in the middle of a Flow Arrow area at 250 feet. Killed a fine Jaguar pilot.

So my opinion of who the fuckwits are are very different to yours.

China gives America its underwater drone back – with a warning


If you think smacking a city-state like Iraq down means that you'll be able to take on the world's largest standing army with ease, you're out of your mind.

Airbus flies new plane for the first time


Re: Go A350 !

Because the Boeings have worked real well at LA (Asiana), Dubai (Emirates) or over the Atlantic (TWA 800) recently?

Boeings have huge problems; you need to get your myopia looked at (ever flown an Airbus? I bet not).

p.s. Air France managed to over-ride the silicon really well....into the sea.


They sure should. More than one has been lost to people making camp-fires (!!!!!) in the cabin.......

New MH370 handshake and wing debris analysis suggests rapid descent


Re: Conspiracy ..

What a fruit-cake you are. Radio-controlled ffs......

Brexit may not mean Brexit at all: UK.gov loses Article 50 lawsuit


Hopefully, this just means parliamentary oversight of Brexit (no bad thing), not a reversal.

They wouldn't be so stupid as to over-rule a referendum, would they?


MacBook headphone hell


Re: Graphics card?


THANK YOU for the information. I will take the laptop to Apple tomorrow. Cannot actually access the serial number of the machine right now, but I'm fairly confident that this is one of those affected.

Again, thanks; you've saved me a chunk of cash and just before the Dec 31st deadline, too. As you say, it's more of a guarantee than most would expect.



Re: Graphics card?

Yes it was the graphics card, but there was no display at all.

Is there a recall out on the motherboards for this machine?


My 2011 MBPro died (for the second and last time in a fortnight) on the day the new MBPro was launched. Perfect timing?

No, the new one has a crap keyboard, crap graphics card, insufficient RAM, small SSD,probably runs permanently hot due to being so thin, is massively over-priced and will never be upgradeable.

This story is just the icing on the cake, plus all the I/O gear I have is now redundant.

For the first time in 15 years, I'm going to buy a non-Apple laptop (and install Mint on it). The new one is all about form, forgetting the function.

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?


Re: Plenty of air forces out there...

A 9g delta-winged Eurofighter is far from a joke.

You on the other hand......


Re: As Veritech Alphas are probably not available....

What the hell are you popping to write such utter garbage?

'Nigerian scammer' busted after he infected himself with malware


In the public interest, surely?

Android's latest patches once again remind us: It's Nexus or bust if you want decent security


Thanks for the info - will definitely do that, then.


Anyone know how good Cyanogen is at keeping up with Nexus?

Tempted to try that on my Android 5.0 Asus Zenfone after reading this!


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