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Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?

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Backdoor message...

The sheer lack of downvotes to comments on this story serves as a message of how seriously the community views (or fears) our Government’s apparent incompetence in the matter.

Man, its smartphones are SQUARE. But will BlackBerry make a comeback with them?

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BB Blend...

Will it?

News of the World TO CLOSE

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I expect sales of Andrex to go up...

More absorbent than the NotW ever was...

Mine's the one with the Kimberly-Clark share certificate in the pocket...

600 tonne asteroid in low pass above Falkland Islands - TONIGHT

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"Something the size of a bus"

It's great that NASA are able to detect something the size of a bus approaching from afar - and moreover, to publish its expected route and the times it will pass various places.

I hope Stagecoach Bus are taking lessons from them. Whenever they predict the passing of "something the size of a bus" at various points on a given route, it invariably never turns up. Or it transpires to be more than one.

At least the 6-year interval is in rough agreement.

Mine's the one with the timetable in the pocket.

iPad 2, A5 chip, and Smart Cover strip-searched

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I agree there's precendence...

The old one blended good. But will the A5 processor, the "smart cover" and all those magnets adorning the iPad2 finally contrive to beat the Blendtec blender?

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Jobs Halo

That's all very interesting...

...but will it blend?

Brisbane's sewer fibre plan goes down the pan

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Delivering a sh*te service...

...whilst taking the p*ss.

Man punts 'prototype' iPhones on eBay

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Overpriced, doesn't work properly...

Sounds just like the one in the shops!

Mine's the one with the paperweight in the pocket.


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