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Windows Phone 8 hasn't slowed Microsoft's mobile freefall

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Re: Unsurprising really..

Indeed windows RT is full of annoying UX faults. the almost random zooming whenever I touch the screen annoys the tits off me.

LinkedIn sets float price

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file as spam

GMail helpfully directs all LinkedIn email to my spam folder by default

How is SSL hopelessly broken? Let us count the ways

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Big Bank solution

Then you get your bank strongly recommending you install some "security software" like Rapport on your PC. So now another party I have no knowledge of is intimately involved, how is that going to help establish trust?

Mobile operators ditch Tube plans

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Tokyo's subway had mobile phone signal nearly 20yrs ago, it's lame that it's still impossible in London. Just do what's cost-effective - first the stations and then maybe the near-surface trains (District, Circle, Metropolitan). If LUL have space and heat-extraction capacity for wi-fi then they should have for pico-cells. SMS and 3G data are much more useful than wi-fi for commuters.

Yuppie cellphone-style iPhone case comes to Blighty

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a 10000+ mAh battery would be useful :D

Over The Air: Losing drones and forging bus tickets

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PAYG drone hire

the hack was pay-as-you-go drone rental using paypal. but more amusing was the drone ending up parked 4m up in the air when the clock ran out.

Liberal Google, Yahoo!, Apple hurting America claims Reagan

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wot, this DVD?


Social networking and blogs more popular than email

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the Internet is for porn

I bet porn is the bulk of categories 1 & 2

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