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The Times kills off blogger anonymity

Christy Stoehr
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The Times are shits

No doubt the Times will be disclosing all the names of their previously unattributed lobby briefers. Or not.

Playmobil Bible faces wrath of lawyers

Christy Stoehr

The Reg - read all about it only 1 day late!

Oh dear - this was an April Fool that went viral and is still being repeated on April 2nd. Come on, Reg, do sparkle up.........even the Daily Telegraph had it yesterday; or maybe you were too busy with The Bee's spoof moment yesterday??


Dell confirms more jobs cuts in EMEA

Christy Stoehr

@EMEA -- Bracknell?

EMEA, in business, stands not for East Midlands and East Anglia, but Europe, Middle East and Africa.

I'll get my coat - because I'm clearly a nerd!

PC World cuts off Capita call centre contract

Christy Stoehr
Black Helicopters

The inmates are running the asylum!

Same old, same old. When DSGi spent millions (including redundancy to Hemel Hempstead HO staff) relocating the CS function to Sheffield, all at H.O. scratched their heads. Then they sold the whole caboodle to Capita and now they're doing a U-turn. And they wonder why their business model is ducked??

Black helicopter because that's what's needed to spirit the incompetent Directors away...............

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