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Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

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Unfashionable Choice

I didn't really jump on the Apple rollercoaster though they seem a nice to use and was also aesthetically pleasing product. I needed the mail functionality though.

I might back the outsider today and say I think Blackberry may become more mainstream now they are targetting the consumer market. I'd never tried before but I'm sold on the Blackberry Bold 9000. Does everything well and is very easy to use or add apps too. Mail and sync with Office is reliable and easy. Documents, spreadsheets etc... are easy to read and there are plenty of apps that are of use for many other purposes.

I'm thinking with the new Windows mobile, Apple and RIM Palm may have an uphill struggle.

No snapping: Photographers get collars felt

I R David

Other info. on public photography

I wrote these two articles on the subject of public photography a while ago after requesting info. from the courts and the national police database:



Recently I have been getting several letters a week from amateur photographers requesting advice after what appear to be wrongful arrests, illegal searches and other forms of harassment. To say I am becoming increasingly disturbed by what appears to be wholesale abuse of police power and deliberate targeting and harassment of photographers is an understatement.


Tories offer NHS IT rescue plan after major patient data losses

I R David

DBA's To Make mistakes...

It was Doctors with USB keys loosing data. An entirely avoidable problem. Decentralising databases as suggested by the Tory party (Suddenly experts in relational databases!?) seems a very retrograde step to me.

M&S in ID theft flap over stolen laptop

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Not Just Any Laptop...

...but the finest hand reared laptop stuffed with top quality employee data and plump seasoned olives

VeriSign will ship two-factor authentication for debit cards

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Two Factor / Multi factor

To ammend the last post. This is two factor authentication something you know and something you have being two factors. Something you are would be a biometric identifier such as retina or finger print which would be referred to as multi-factor authentication usually.

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