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Revealed at last: Universe's intergalactic dark matter skeleton

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Pah I spit on the ground with stupid incomprehensible megaparsecs.

In perhaps just as incomprehensible units: 18 megaparsecs is 58.7 million light years. For comparison the distance to the Andromeda Galaxy is 'only' 0.77 megaparsecs (2.5 million light-years) from Earth.

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

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re: re: re: re: Tomorrow → #

Oh yes, oops! Oh well... I can't see the relational operators for the nuclear commentaries :-)

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re: re: Tomorrow #

@Anonymous Coward who incorrectly stated. " Nuclear reactor != Nuclear bomb hence != Mushroom cloud".

That statement is a misunderstanding of the science. If a reactor core ever reached criticality (which shouldn't happen at Fukushima), the heat released by the nuclear reaction would cause the fissile material to expand, which would make the nuclear reaction sub-critical again within seconds. In other words, there would be a small localised explosion, but the act of exploding would stop any further nuclear reaction (which is nothing like a bomb).

A good example is Chernobyl where criticality happened and the explosion ruined the reactor building, but that was it, it was nothing like a nuclear bomb and there wasn't a mushroom cloud. The radiation that spread from Chernobyl was not due to the explosion, but was due to the graphite fire that lasted for days afterwards (graphite was unique to the Chernobyl reactors).

Lewis Page's Fukushima articles offer some clarity in the fog of media-led hysteria and ill-informed commenting, they should be broadcast around the Internet.

ISPs vs BBC iPlayer: Missing the point?

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What is USC?

"as access becomes more widespread (especially with the introduction of the USC)"

I've searched but can't find a definitive answer - what is 'the USC'?

Boffins finger reason for non-aligned cows

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... we can assume that if there are no power lines nearby then a ruminant can be used as a compass? What about if you suspend one in mid-air or wrap it in tin foil?

Vista SP2 release candidate gets public airing

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Is SP2 going to be a real improvement?

Vista could have been great.... but hasn't been so far: windows remembering their sizes - nope; windows remembering their views - nope; less mouse clicks to disconnect from a network - nope; improved Outlook Express - nope, in fact its gone backwards and has devolved to Windows Mail (because MS have decided 'Live' is the way to go, but that's another story); UAC - nope (a feature so annoying that it drives users to turn it off).. etc etc. Vista does have some good features and has been fairly stable for me, but from a user's point of view the problems are back to basics - it's more fiddly and needs improvement. Will SP2 be better? Nope I don't think so - bring on Windows 7! (with fingers crossed...)

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