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UK defamation law reforms take effect from start of 2014

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Don't forget the otehr two

Not fair just to pick on Cameron.

Millipede is feeling left out, as is Compo's friend

Firefox reveals new look: rounded rectangles

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Re: No combined search/URL

I do not want this, if I want to search I use the search box

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Before it goes live

How do I make it look like it does now?

That looks horrid!

Sony scoffs at the Microsoft EX-BOX: A MILLION PS4s sell in ONE day

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Re: Take the figures with a pinch of salt

And the voice control is not that good on X1 either, turns off your TV when you ask it to turn on.

Switches to another profile it they walk in front of the camera.

Quits a game and does not save if it miss hears your TV channel name for a game name.

None are perfect.

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Re: Hardware non-issues - Graphics

Actually it depends on the studio.

RSX is quick but limited in power, but to make up for the power difference it is able to communicate with the Cell using a high speed bus.

So Xenos is more powerful but slower than the RSX, the Cell more powerful than the Xenon, but PS3 uses a high speed parallel bus to link them.

Since the SPUs can be used for graphics, it means that it is possible for PS3 to pump out better graphics. But 360 is easier to code for.

I still find the quality amazing on such games as Uncharted 2 & 3, The Last Of Us and Killzone 3.

Also not many multiplatforms are that different, usually it is a bit here a bit there, draw distances to one and textures to the other.

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Re: Keyboard mouse yawn

Well after playing KBM & controller then have their plus and minus points.

Mouse better to aim.

Controller better to move around.

Motion controls were a good idea with FPSs on Wii and PS3 with Move.

Pity they have been abandoned for the new generation and yes Guerilla Games I am pointing at you!

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Re: @MJI

32" CRT and a large screen LCD

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Re: Recent Adverts on US TV...

Err PC gaming comes under Steam

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Yes Resistance 3, Portal 2 and Bioshock Infinite

Hmm just bought the DLC for BI

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Re: Dreamcast & Nintendo/Sony

Dreamcast was pretty good, but was a bit gimmicky.

Could have done with twin sticks, the plug in cartridge is a bit weird, GDROM is limited compared to DVD.

Was good graphics, definately same generation as PS2.

Sony entered the market after Nintendo went Philips for the CD drive and Sony had developed one for Nintendo.

I think MS entered partly due to the Dreamcast running Windows CE.

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Re: Custom Chips

Here are 4 custom console chips which are well known, Cell, RSX, Xenon, Xenos

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Re: Sony TV

Why is it a mistake, I genuinely found the picture was better than other LCD TVs on multiple sources.

Other choice would have been a Pioneer plasma but they are too expensive.

My TV was getting ***** reviews!

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Re: COD - killing

Go play Dishono(u)red with a no kill run.

Now that is an achievement

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Re: Shooting people

Well I like SciFi setting ones!

And to be honest even in games I do not like killing unarmed characters, if they are shooting me - OK

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Re: Expensive TV

I LIKE my TV, it gets a lot of use so may as well have one I like.

Some people buy expensive cars (I do when they are cheap), some people go and spend a fortune on sports team tickets. I like a really good TV, put a really good film on - like the cinema.

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Re: Resogun

The CRT was a Wega, the LCD a W series Bravia

And I have seen enough cheap LCD TVs to last me. I tested lots until I found the one I liked,

Want to see bad - S series Bravia - pretty shoddy

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Re: Bored

Phone gaming, no we want buttons.

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Re: Resogun

£400 on a TV

For a main living room TV maybe 25 years ago.

But prices are more since then.

32" widescreen CRT IDTV was over £1000

My LCD panel is over £1500

Before you criticise I have owned a total of 5 TVs in my life including 2 portables

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Re: A fool and his money...

Or even older.

I had a pong type game when I was small.

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We do not play COD.

COD is for people who cannot handle more tactical shooters.

Personally I am excited and nervous for Killzone Shadowfall.

Excited because it is an FPS I can actually play.

Nervous because I got into top 2000 using Move and they don't support it any more.

As for PS+, already have that, and still wrking through the backlog of games.

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Re: Resogun

Wow that looks good!

And it is free!

Reminds me of a lot of older games like Defender, Andes Attack and a bit of Xenon2

World's first selfie found on Wayback Machine

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I always thought it was another term for w@nking

3CX PBX for Windows: Everything you ever wanted from a phone system

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That is the model name of a rather popular digger!

HAUNTED HOWITZERS, it’s Call of Duty Ghosts

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Re: I've had cheaper prostitutes !

That's better value thanks

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Seen some multiplayer footage on a XB1 and to be honest it looked all rather pants.

So called next generation but still 720p.

More partical effects and better graphics on some of this generations games,

I am just glad I never bought into the hype.

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Re: I've had cheaper prostitutes !

£19 for 90 minutes!

I will settle for 50 or so for £4 (Far Cry 3 on PS+)

120 for £20 (Fallout NV with all DLC)

1000 for @ £70 (Killzone 3, multi player DLC, Navigation controller also used with a few other games)

100 for £15 (ME2 in a sale)

Even got 70 hours or so out of TLOU so far

Ultimate electric driving machine? Yes, it’s the BMW i3 e-car

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Re: Good review

Well there are a few of us at work who look at modern new cars and think - no they are ugly.

How many normal cars can now be called nice looking?

I do think the older 318is 2 door looks nice still, I can see one parked next to my big saloon.

TOXIC DOLPHIN SANDWICH on the menu, say hacktivists

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Perhaps some reclassification required

We all know Dolphins are pretty clever, not too far behind the average human. And ahead of the average chav.. And a long long way ahead of food animals. (Cattle are pretty thick)

Yet it is illegal to hunt chavs for food so why are Dolphins not protected by law? Why should a sentient animal be hunted like this?

I would also rather that chavs were used as pet food rather than intelligent animals.

TBH I would also include the great apes in the protection.

Issue of the day: When is the right time to drink coffee?

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Coffee yuk - give me tea or something alcoholic

Never understood how people can drink the stuff.

File-NUKING Cryptolocker PC malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK

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Job for GCHQ and co

Find them, then call Hereford. Gives GCHQ something to do. And bit of training for the SAS.

Sony's new PlayStation 4 and open source FreeBSD: The TRUTH

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Re: Another win for the open-source world

Actually Sony are rumoured to be a major donator

Whovians, your Doctor needs you: Take back the Day from One Direction

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I will have to set set my daughter

onto these no direction losers.

Mind you can;t be too bright she tried opening our front door with a sonic screwdriver but we all know they do not do wood

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

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Re: it only does everything

But better for playing games

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RE : AC 11:03

Well after seeing some XB1 multiplayer of CoD Ghosts I am of the opinion that Killzone 3 multiplayer is better graphically.

There are always things going on (various levels have a MAWLR in them), various drop ships, bullet holes remain there all game.

Still amazingly good looking after nearly 3 years.

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Will it play games?

That is my main concern.

Oh and it will play games not available anywhere else.

Roll on Naughty Dog

Web giants cry foul over US gov's refusal to budge on NSA spy gag orders

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Re: Clash of the titans

Well get Sigourney and Arnold in to help.

Look at how many ways we ruin your life, Redmond boasts

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On the loo

Now that one was a pain.

Saturday, sitting on the bog, ring ring.

Phone call for me, phone is just outside the loo and the cable is just long enough.

My boss soon rang off when he heard the noises.

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Re: There are so many things you can do in a bathroom

We don't have a bath room at work, but the closed down business next door sold baths and one was dumped in our entrance way.

No I have never workded while sitting in a bath.

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE

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Re: XP 2.0?

Windows 7

Great, you cannot run full screen MS DOS .exes

NETBIOS removed

2 huge fails.

Ten top stories from New Who

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Re: Missing from the list: (in no particular order)

I found Midnight irritating, Waters of Mars annoying.

I liked 42

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Re: @Oh Bother

Turn Left is my favourite from RTD

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Some good episodes

Some of my favourites, Blink rightly no. 1.

Not a fan of Gridlock.

Would like to have seen the Library episodes in the list.

Best ever part of a series were three episodes in a row.

1) Human Nature

2) Family of Blood

3) Blink

Most good DW in a row.

Moffat definately best New DW writer

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder

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Been there done that PS2 and Eye Toy

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Re: Again with the PS4 ad?

Have you thought that the game companies are in one big industry and can get on with each other?

Sony's head of studios Shuhei Yoshida loves Nintendo games and has two Wii Us

Xbox manager Larry unpronoucable surname loves Naughty Dog games.

A lot of Naughty Dog staff play Halo and a lot of Bungie Staff play Uncharted.

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Re: So no, your console is not banned

Good to know they are making it up to him.

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Why go to the effort?

Of banning his console.

Seems like being petty to me.

Haven't MS got more important things to do?


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I have wondered.

Would ridding the world of the Kim family help?

And I expect the army is a bit useless.

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Re: I wouldn't put it past North Korea

Saturday evening TV

Not too bad, shows like Doctor Who, Merlin, Atlantis, all pretty good to watch. Last Saturday I watched Atlantis (It has Dr Julian Bashir in it!) then a recording of Cold War Hot Jets Ep1 from Friday.

Or do you mean shITV?

Don't watch that - looks like a shitty satellite channel.

Osborn - I suppose he had gone strange but I remember he was good back in the 80s

NO! Radio broadcasters snub 'end of FM' DAB radio changeover

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Re: Digital TV choice

You lose you forgot

1) BBC 4

2) BBC News 24

3) CBeebies


5) Film 4

6) Dave

For parents with young chidren CBeebies is excellent

For Red Dwarf there is Dave

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Re: Obviously never heard of 6music

Yes the station which shut its rock show!

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